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Ladies Opinion: What does 'No Chemistry' really mean?

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  • Originally posted by Adam077 View Post
    The importance of the profession is just that she is a psychologist, so she could have been straight. By the way people after abusive relationship ( if they are healed) tend to be either very direct and straight or at least honest themselves, and not pretending and using others, if there is no chemistry really ...
    Thing is, there's really nothing in your story that implies that she was dishonest with you. When you don't know someone well and don't see them often, it can be difficult to tell whether or not a relationship has romantic potential. It sounds like she waffled a bit, then told you she wasn't attracted to you.

    Of course that hurts. I'm a fat, weird chick and I've been rejected by men I was madly in love with, men who thought I was fine to date--but only after 2am, and have had plenty of demoralizing and depressing experiences. Some of those fellas were mean, but some were just not into me that way and that's not something that can really be 'fixed.'

    I would urge you to move on from this woman and find someone who is a better match for you. Finding the person who will pursue a real connection with you isn't something that can happen when you're hung up on someone else.


    • If someone says that they didn't feel any chemistry then it's near impossible that you felt any real and genuine chemistry yourself because true chemistry is built from all involved.

      Chemistry often has very little to do with appearance either, although it can be an initial factor. Physical chemistry is the easiest factor to negate with someone you just meet. Simply saying "I think you are beautiful/attractive" let's your opinion known and can get their feelings about you with their response. I'd never be embarrassed to ask how a woman felt about me because it's not worth getting emotionally connected if it's never going to happen based on a physical attraction



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