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Getting his attention?

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  • Getting his attention?

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    A friend of mine tried to hook me up with this dude. He seemed really nice, but I only really saw him at church. We're friends on Facebook too. From what I've heard and seen in Facebook, he is absolutely PERFECT. I finally asked him to do something (through Facebook) and he told me I was a really nice girl but he was seeing someone already. I respect that. This was a few months ago. Now he's single again. I cannot to save my life get his attention. This sounds pathetic but I think about him all the time. He just seems great- not to mention he's HOT. I don't want to message him on Facebook again bc I don't want to seem like a total stalker/weirdo. I've honestly tried to stop thinking about him. I went on a date with someone else to try and forget about him. No one compares to him. How can I get his attention again without looking totally crazy? WHY am I sooooo stuck on him? What's my deal... If I can't have him then I need to move on but it's not working! I feel like I'm in middle school and I have a crush that I'm obsessed with. I feel so stupid and lame for thinking about him this much. Someone tell me I'm not crazy?!
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  • Crushes huh. You like what you "see" but hey, you have to ask why this girl only lasted a few months before ditching him, or him her. More than likely if he's "hot" then he knows it and possibly isn't even faithful. I don't really think you want that type of guy in your life right now do you?

    But, to find out what he is like on the inside, find out where he goes and bump into him "literally" See what happens.

    You can't compare this guy to anyone because you haven't mentally met him yet and he could be a douch for all you know..


    • I'd just relax and repeat the FB approach. You're not "seeming" like anything as long as you're genuine. I'd caution tho too that you can't possibly know him well enough to know he's perfect. We're women, we crush. It's what we do. You can't turn it off but you can learn to control it.
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      • Hmmm... Interesting point. I've never even thought about him being a total jerk. "Love is blind"- I know I'm not in love with him, but you get the picture I need to think about this one. Thanks!


        • Maybe you're one who likes a challenge. It's exciting, but nothing more than a game. See how you react to guys who give you attention. If they're no longer interesting after once being interesting, then you do. However, you just may be stuck on this guy's looks.



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