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Just started dating someone...

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  • Just started dating someone...

    I just started dating someone (2 dates) who I met online. He's very nice and I'm enjoying his company (spark? Not yet). I was diagnosed as HPV+ during my last gyn exam. I was shocked by I haven't been with anyone in 3 yrs. I have no symptoms. Question: should I even be dating anyone? It's highly contagious with ANY genital contact. I want to be honest with this guy but also don't want to reveal something so personal this early. Thanks for any advice.

  • I think you should wait to see if you develop a sexual spark. That would be the time to be completely open and reveal it.


    • You definitely don't need to disclose before you decide if you want to have sex or if this is anything more than just a couple of dates.

      You absolutely can date when you have any kind of STI. The right partner will work with you to figure out the best way to have sex that's satisfying for both of you while keeping you both safe.

      The HPV vaccine may be an option for a potential partner -- and maybe even yourself -- as a bit of protection. If you haven't already seen this post on the site, check it out. It may offer some insight: https://www.womens-health.com/hpv-va...ns-controversy



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