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Dating someone with mental health disorders

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  • Hello LynneZ_VXXIThanks for your very well thought out and elegant reply.

    You bring up some awesome points, and it is so nice to hear it from the perspective of the person that is potentially being affected directly.

    There is no easy answer here -- no right and wrong -- just life.

    When I was younger, things used to be black and white -- it is wrong to do X and Y -- as I've gotten older, I've realized that only those who are unwise or strident in their beliefs to the detriment of being empathetic and thoughtful believe things are simple and straightforward.

    To that extent, if anyone ever preaches to me that something is "right" or wrong, I usually know that person is not someone who has trustworthy judgment.

    Because as it turns out -- these types of decisions and life situations are really f-ing hard to deal with -- on both sides and for so many complex reasons.

    We each have to live our truth, and after all is said and done, none of us can just say with any certainty what exactly it is we'd do, because honestly, we do not know!

    ZaniyahSanchez I did see that movie! I loved that movie and have seen it several times...it pertains deeply to our discussion here and always made me think about what would I do or be like in that situation...

    Simple concept...**** hard choices that none of us are prepared for until they happen to us.

    Highly recommended movie for anyone out there.


    • Reading through your post, I gotta say, it's really brave of you to navigate the complexities of dating someone with mental health disorders. It takes real understanding and patience to be there for someone going through tough times. It's like sailing through choppy waters, you know? But hey, remember, you're not alone in this.



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