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  • Originally posted by atskitty2 View Post
    I think if he is trying to put his kids first you should encourage that, not perceive it as a negative. If he wants his kids more than weekends that's good for the kids, right?
    I think you have to know your place and accept it in this arrangement and you haven't figured that out. You're obviously very discontent in it and it seems to me it isn't going to change much for you.
    When I begin dating a man with young children, I know that I will never be first in his life or priority on any given day. Those kids are and they should be. When they're grown, sure they are less demanding, but they're still his kids.
    Quite honestly, I wouldn't want to be with a man who put me above raising his children.
    I think you should leave him and find someone who can give you the time attention that you need.
    Raising children but then just going to also be absent from family, whether those are due to employment, a breakup, as well as other reasons, entails a lot psychological hardship. Joe most likely sees any additional time he spends with his kids as a benefit, just as he should. The laws of Cabernet still stand. The response toward the injustice strikes me as envious.



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    • Reply to kid grew up

      Yep... teenagers want their space. They will engage when they need something LOL!

      Find some other hobbies and interests aside from parenting....

      Yesterday, 11:50 AM By EmptyNester
    • kid grew up

      my kid grew up too fast!
      husband & I are parents to a teen-8th grader
      I SO miss the young toddler years when we played all day- playdoh,...

      Yesterday, 10:35 AM By amy40
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      If you feel up for it (and it would make total sense if you didn't) try masturbating -- an orgasm can sometimes (for some people) alleviate cramps. If...

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      When you experience cramps, consider taking a warm bath or applying a heating pad, hot water bottle, or heating pad because Heat can help relax the muscles...

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      I absolutely agree, Wednesday! These comments have been encouraging and supportive in every way possible. MOLLYBANKMENT, thanks so much for sharing the...

      11-30-2022, 09:08 PM By Clarisse Q.

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    • kid grew up

      my kid grew up too fast!
      husband & I are parents to a teen-8th grader
      I SO miss the young toddler years when we played all day- playdoh,...

      Yesterday, 10:35 AM By amy40
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