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Letting a friendship fade away

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  • Emily D. thanks.


    • in my 20's had a friend from work; we'd go to the gym together & talk on phone

      wish we'd been able to keep our friendship better after life/kids took over


      • Originally posted by Emily D. View Post
        I've had several friendships sort of naturally fade (first friends from high school, now friends from college), and it's taken time to be okay with that. I'm someone who's always had a small group of close friends, so losing anyone in that close group has been hard for me; I initially tried to keep up with one person in particular, but it became clear that she wasn't interested in maintaining the friendship.
        my friends from high school are all gone right now we were inseperatable.. like we lived the same life for 12 years and now each one of us have different lives ,, weird what this life is all about
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