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  • Sex after 50

    Love to hear more advices on how to make sexual life even more erotic after 50

  • I want to see my wife more and more sexual as she grows old...now she reached 46


    • Originally posted by Nair1970 View Post
      Love to hear more advices on how to make sexual life even more erotic after 50
      Hey there,
      Your concern is a common one. There are a few threads up right now that cover this. I bet you'll find some info you can use elsewhere in our forums:





      • It would be helpful to know a little bit more about your relationship and the sorts of things you enjoy already, so that we can build on your current styles. If you're comfortable sharing, tell us a little more about each of you and what you typically do during intimate times.


        • I had relations with over 85 women ranging in age of 17 - over 70 in the 3 years I was in the Navy as a teenager.

          All but 3 were married and the problem I found out is why women had an affair.

          I never had any lady who was too dry If I performed oral long enough and there was never any lube needed.

          Most husbands forgot the art of foreplay or romance and just asking their wife "What do you like"


          • 50 is still young and healthy. I'm in my mid 30s and have had great sex with women in their 50s. Sexual relationships should have the same degree of open and well communicated discussions as any other age group



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            • Reply to Do you fantasize about being with someone of a different race?

              I’m a white-Jamaican man of British descent, married to an Afro-Jamaican woman for 32 years. The woman who took my virginity was half black, half South...

              06-03-2023, 12:54 PM By ScorchedEarth
            • Reply to Men who can ejaculate twice in one lovemaking session

              I once read an experience from a woman who reported that when she and her boyfriend are having coitus, he easily and regularly would have a 12 minute,...

              06-03-2023, 12:29 PM By ScorchedEarth
            • Reply to Anal addicted

              My wife was raised in a religiously conservative family and was quite prudish when we tight the knot.

              I was able to subtly get her into...

              06-03-2023, 12:20 PM By ScorchedEarth
            • Reply to husband suggestion

              Type 1 means your body is producing no insulin or just a very small amount. Metformin won't help in that case. Insulin will be your lifeline. Knowing...

              06-03-2023, 04:51 AM By jns
            • Reply to husband suggestion

              I insisted on metformin cause thought insulin would hurt but it doesn't! Asked Dr if I could control bs with food but he said "you will never get...

              06-03-2023, 03:56 AM By amy40

            • Sex Education For Seniors

              I'm a 69 YO male. Earlier this year (Valentines Day) my wife of 40 years passed. At the beginning of this month I all but figured out this solo life wasn't...

              05-30-2023, 11:21 AM By Bigtwin96
            • I found a vein

              I noticed there is a vein inside of my vagina. I read online about it and it seems it is very rare for women that aren’t pregnant.. I am scared of what...

              05-29-2023, 12:58 AM By bunnypop18
            • Concerns About Pelvic Exam

              So I am 32 years old, and I have never had a PAP smear or pelvic exam. I have been putting it off since I am not sexually active in terms of vaginal intercourse,...

              05-27-2023, 07:05 AM By FeelingWeird
            • Does that size hurt?

              One time i was having sex with a sex worker and she struggled to put it in the firt time, i saw her body language and she was moving slow while penetrating....

              05-25-2023, 06:48 AM By Danielsv90
            • husband suggestion

              so I haven't been to Dr for a physical in 10 plus years & husband suggested I get a Dr so I finally did (in Oct)
              my pulse was 135 last Dr visit...

              05-18-2023, 07:48 PM By amy40