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Sex after 50

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  • MrMr
    50 is still young and healthy. I'm in my mid 30s and have had great sex with women in their 50s. Sexual relationships should have the same degree of open and well communicated discussions as any other age group

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  • USNVET65
    I had relations with over 85 women ranging in age of 17 - over 70 in the 3 years I was in the Navy as a teenager.

    All but 3 were married and the problem I found out is why women had an affair.

    I never had any lady who was too dry If I performed oral long enough and there was never any lube needed.

    Most husbands forgot the art of foreplay or romance and just asking their wife "What do you like"

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  • atskitty2
    It would be helpful to know a little bit more about your relationship and the sorts of things you enjoy already, so that we can build on your current styles. If you're comfortable sharing, tell us a little more about each of you and what you typically do during intimate times.

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  • Wednesday L.F.
    Originally posted by Nair1970 View Post
    Love to hear more advices on how to make sexual life even more erotic after 50
    Hey there,
    Your concern is a common one. There are a few threads up right now that cover this. I bet you'll find some info you can use elsewhere in our forums:




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  • Nair1970
    I want to see my wife more and more sexual as she grows old...now she reached 46

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  • Nair1970
    started a topic Sex after 50

    Sex after 50

    Love to hear more advices on how to make sexual life even more erotic after 50

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