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I have had sex with my daughter's boyfriend

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  • I have had sex with my daughter's boyfriend

    I am 38, a single mother of a 18-year-old daughter, . I'm still in good shape for my age
    My daughter has a Bf 22, lately he spends more time with my daughter and me. I realized that he is very handsome, that is, I myself get excited when he is near me, which he could also feel.
    We had some frisky flirt and even a bit nasty as i had few drinks I secretly wanted him even if I knew it was wrong for my daughter.
    One night afterparty he entered the kitchen behind me and started kissing my neck, I remained motionless and could not react due to excitement.
    But went down on him and the rest happened

    I forgot about my daughter in that moment, I just couldn't control myself.
    Now i think a lot bout him even a bit jealous of my Daughter and dont know how to fix that

  • It sounds like your life is missing something and your daughter’s bf reminded you. My advice is to never be alone in a room with that man, at least while he’s with your daughter. Meanwhile, you might look into dating apps. You clearly want sex and romance in your life, which is awesome. But it’s best if you find ways to date that won’t permanently damage your relationship with your child.


    • aminamor What you write is something that can happen (and apparently a lot of people have these types of fantasies at the very least based on the step/porn out there!) to folks at any time in a weak moment.

      I would first off not talk to your daughter about this ever -- the risk of course is that HE could talk to her about it one day out of spite, anger or as a parting gift when they break up (just my take, but this doesn't feel like the love of a lifetime!)...but until and unless that happens, it should stay between you guys -- no good will come of telling her.

      As Wednesday L.F. said, this also points to the fact that its time to get back out there and get your mind off of the guys your daughter dates and onto guys of your own.

      Mistakes like this can be forgivable, and explainable -- but if it happens more, it might speak to more serious issues and cause a rift between you and your daughter that might not be able to be fixed.

      Once trust is broken, it's hard to ever get it back again.



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