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How many sex toys is too many?

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  • How many sex toys is too many?

    My husband went into my nightstand drawer to find a book light, and this is what I hear.
    "Jeez, how many of these things do you have?!?" As I only have two booklights, I asked for more info. Apparently he hadn't realized that I've amassed a significant array of sex toys--mostly focusing on clit and g-spot stimulation. He knows I have them (he worked midnights for years when I worked days) and use them, but he seemed surprised by how many there were. There are, as I learned when I counted, 9 of them.

    I know some states have actual laws about how many sex toys a person can own. My state doesn't, but now I'm wondering how many sex toys is too many. Is there an amount that's "normal" people would consider excessive? Logically, I think these things are private and no ones business if reasonable health and safety is observed. On an emotional level though, I wonder if all these vibratey things make me seem like an insatiable perv.

  • Lol! 9 doesn't seem excessive to me.
    I know of a woman that kept a suitcase full of them, and yes, she took it with her even visiting family for a weekend...I never looked inside, but the suitcase was typical size, maybe 2-3 feet by 1-2 feet.

    I have 1, and I never use it!


    • Nine doesn't seem excessive to me. I have a lot of cameras. Some people have bookcases of books. I would suppose you bought each one because it was a little different than the ones before. Trying out the new toy can be fun, whatever it is.
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      • I didn't know there were laws about how many sex toys a person could have in some states! That's wild! And, tbh, as long as you're using them and they're clean/safe to use, I feel like there's not a certain number that's like, "oh, THAT'S too many!" I feel like it's up to the individual. Some people probably want options, others are fine with just one or a handful. Basically, I think it's up to you haha. If your husband is uncomfortable with you having that many, that's another situation altogether, but hopefully he gets that toys make your sex life more interesting/fulfilling.


        • I'll never forget in my early 20's there was a girl I was dating who introduced me to "toys"...I remember calling her on the phone one time, and she was like "hold on a sec...I'm just finishing..." and I was like "Finishing what...?"

          Turns out she was finishing herself...

          She was using a vibrator literally every single second of the day.

          One time, she came over and brought all her "toys" with her to my place. She busts them out and there were like 3 large dongs, some vibrators, and other stuff I didn't even know how to categorize.

          At that age, and being introduced to toys for the first time in my life, it definitely hit a bit of my ego, and made me feel "less than"...I know that's on me, but I can tell you when you call a woman you're dating, and she puts you on hold so she can finish off what she started with you not there and you're just being introduced to the wonderful world of sex toys, well it was definitely an intimidating experience for me!

          Not to mention I had no idea what to do with the 3-4 extra large dongs she busts out when she came over...

          Anyway, how many is too many? I suppose that's like asking a movie buff how many DVD's are too many? Or a shoe connoisseur, how many shoes are too many? To each their own!


          • Thanks, all! I had a feeling y’all would feel me on this issue.



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