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Planning vs Sleep for Sexy Times

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  • Wednesday L.F.
    started a topic Planning vs Sleep for Sexy Times

    Planning vs Sleep for Sexy Times

    After 15 years or so on the same schedule, my husband's work schedule has changed. I don't like it.
    We have had to become much less spontaneous about sex, since staying awake for an extra hour or two makes him way too tired in the morning. I'm a freelancer, so my schedule is much more flexible.

    My issue is that I love being spontaneous, but now he'd rather plan sex in advance so we can go to bed together early and he gets the amount of sleep he needs. Obviously, I want to accommodate that--but how do I deal with the feeling that planning sex in advance is less romantic and seems more mundane?

    Do you other marrieds plan sex night beforehand? If not, how do they make sure they're getting enough sleep.
    Please don't suggest morning sex. We don't do that.

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