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A night away - best sex in a long time

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  • A night away - best sex in a long time

    We have 4 kids and my husband and I never, ever go away just the two of us. We spent a night just us up in Salem, Mass just the two of us. My husband laid into me like an animal lol and I mean that in a good way. We did it multiple times, no worrying about be heard or rushing through it. Ughhh it was great! And then a nice breakfast at this great little place in town the next morning. Solid night! Nice reminder that we are are, indeed, husband and wife outside of our mom and dad roles.

  • It is SO important to be able to get away like that, and I'm glad that you and your husband had the opportunity! It's really easy to fall into a "trap" of routine at home, especially when you're raising kids together and working, and handling the 800 day-to-day tasks that come with it.

    I can completely relate to finding and "seeing" yourselves as husband and wife, rather than mom and dad, when you're away from home. When my husband and I have a (rare) date night, it feels like we're 25 again for a few hours. We're like the old versions of ourselves, in a way... it's hard to explain (but I get the feeling you know exactly what I mean).


    • I've found that hotel sex is some of the best sex I've ever had, and I think it's absolutely because I'm away from my normal routine and (especially) away from the kids and the typical interruptions/cares/worries that I associate with being at home.

      My now-husband and I still reminisce over a time he met me at a conference I attended for work and he stayed the night with me (we were still dating and it was a long-distance relationship). We did things in that hotel room we've still never done anywhere else. It was GREAT!


      • Originally posted by Kayla Lords View Post
        I've found that hotel sex is some of the best sex I've ever had
        I can completely relate. I remember having sex facing an un-curtained hotel window (we were pretty high up near the top floor) overlooking the Detroit River and city skyline at night and it was… well, 20 years later, I still remember that as one of the hottest things we ever did.

        I think it really IS because you’re getting out of your routine and your home — where everything is familiar and you’re sort of… not in a rut, per se, but definitely in a habit. There’s less excitement in some ways, I suppose. It's predictable; that's not bad necessarily, but it isn't always WOW if that makes sense.

        But especially when you’ve got kids at home, getting away gives you a chance to free your mind and just be IN the moment — no worries about any of them hearing you (or walking in, or needing something, or trying to beat one another), and you can just be with your partner without distraction.


        • Congratulations!



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