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ever talk your spouse into doing something?

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  • ever talk your spouse into doing something?

    that maybe they didn't want to do?

    however, you were able to talk them into it?
    could be anything small or major

  • Honestly, I'm at a loss for anything major. I mean, we did move across the country (to my home state) but that was a decision we made together — because we basically bought a house outright for what would have been a downpayment on a crappy piece of expensive crap in the state we were living in at the time. It just made sense.

    (Then again, I also moved across the country in the OTHER direction once and I didn't want to, at all, so I suppose I'm the spouse who got talked into doing something LOL.)

    But beyond that, I'm not sure that I've ever really had to talk my husband into doing something he didn't want to do, unless it was something stupid like stopping at the grocery store, or driving one of our kids somewhere because I was busy.


    • Heck no, he’s too stubborn. I can’t even get him to watch Pixar movies, let alone put on a dress.
      oh, I guess I’m kinda telling on myself there. But he rides a bike a lot and has legs and a butt that belong in a short sassy dress. Alas, no dice.


      • we lost our 12 yr old dog two years ago & both husband/young teen said "no more dogs!"

        we were on spring break vacation in Mar & stopped in a pet store- I said "please" & now we have a puppy
        they are both attached already!


        • Have I talked him into doing things he hadn't considered before or was skeptical about? Sure. Have I ever talked him into anything he didn't want to do at all? Never.

          One, he's too stubborn for that. Two, it wouldn't sit well with me. I don't mind him relenting and still being skeptical, but I want him to be on board to some degree. Especially because if things go wrong, I know I'm going to need his support and/or help.

          That being said, I'm happy and willing to apply all of my powers of persuasion and, thankfully, he allows himself to be persuaded. That's why I have a snoring pit bull sitting a few feet away from me right now - I wanted her, but she (the dog) and he (the husband) fell in love. Thank goodness I'm so persuasive, lol.



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