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Valentine's Day Sex.

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  • Valentine's Day Sex.

    I hate the idea of sexual acts in relationship being transactional. The whole "do the dishes and you get a blowjob," or "anal on your birthday" stuff all seems gross to me.

    But...as I had a difficult year medically speaking, I'd like to plan a crazy sex night for Valentine's Day. My hubs is pretty amazing and I want to amaze him (on a tight budget & in our tiny apartment). I don't have any cool ideas and thought you nice folks might.

  • Sorry to hear that you had a bit of a rough year. From what you've shared here in the past, it seems like your sex life is already kind of adventurous and you two keep it fresh anyway. So, I'm not sure what I can add, but I'll give it a shot. What are your V-day plans already? Are you going to dinner? Making a nice dinner at home? Doing nothing special? and the sex IS the main event?
    If I know what you have going on that day already, maybe it can help me think of a plan around that event.


    • Actually, the hubs is going out of town and will return on V-Day afternoon/eve. So I have a ton of time if I want to decorate the apt or bedroom or something. We'll likely stay in with movies, a nice meal we prepare together, small gifts (he's getting a set of sodas that taste like different pies and a vibrating **** ring), that sort of thing.

      Maybe it's because we do so much for each other all the time that it's hard to think of something that's new and different.


      • the last 2 Valentine Days, our kid held a party for us:
        played music for us to slow dance, had entertainment (created her own dances), and had food for us.....I really liked dancing with husband


        • Honestly, I am a huge (HUGE) fan of NOT going out on Valentine's day...

          The waits at restaurants are insane, it's never as romantic as you think it's going to be... a cozy dinner at home together, a nice meal you spent time working on (also together), and time spent just hanging out with each other (watching a movie, having sex, or anything else you want to do) is just the best time.

          Do you have board games at home? I know that they sell adult board games, but in the interest of saving money and working with what you've got, you could always "sex up" some games you already have – or add sexy stakes to them.

          Strip poker is maybe tired and old hat, but dirty scrabble (where you can only use sex-related words) could be fun (and funny). Extra twist — the other person has to do something that relates to the word their partner put on the board, when applicable.

          Truth or dare could be fun, too; or Simon Says (pervy, of course). Would You Rather is another one that doesn't need anything as far as "stuff" to play it. Or you can even print out some MadLibs templates but you're only allowed to use sex-related or "dirty" words to fill them in when you do them together — could be good for a laugh, definitely.

          You could hide little Valentine's day decorations around the house (either little cut-out hearts, or those conversation heart candies), and depending on how many he's able to find, he "wins" some type of sexual favor or activity. Or if when he finds 10 of them he gets X, when he finds 20 of them, he gets Y, etc. Send him on an adventure and don't tell him how many you actually hid LOL.

          Or hide so many of them, he'll be finding them for days afterward and it'll be the Valentine's day gift that keeps giving...


          • I think surprise is the name of the game especially as you have a bit of time to prepare.

            Maybe take something you both really love and surprise him with it either upon his arrival home or some time after.


            • Since you'll be watching movies, how about doing a take on a drinking game. Every time someone in the movie says a certain word, instead of having to take a drink, you have to remove an article of clothing, or you have to kiss, or you have to do something that you both agree on that fits more into your style. If it's a horror movie, maybe choose the word NO! Or if you're really twisted, for every person that gets axed, that's how many unifocal sex acts you have to provide your partner that weekend. If they're Rom Coms, maybe use the word Love. It sounds kind of corny, but it could be fun if you tweak it to your personal tastes.

              Get a sexy-looking apron and wear that, and nothing else.

              I've never been a fan of incorporating food into sexy-time, but if you've never tried it, it may be a fun time to make a naughty V-Day dessert and have some fun with that.

              I'm not coming up with anything else, but if I do, I'll check back in.


              • Hahahahaha! I so love the suggestion of stripping off clothing whenever a predetermined trope appears. We watch so many awful CGI monster movies that this would be perfect. Bad CGI shark attack? Shirts come off! Unnecessary nudity onscreen? That's some necessary nudity here!

                I did pick up some fancy lingerie. I lost so much weight while I was in hospital that all my cutest bras were way loose. Oh, and his present is a **** ring--so I'll be waiting for just the right moment to spring that on him (as one does).


                • Originally posted by Alison H. View Post
                  Honestly, I am a huge (HUGE) fan of NOT going out on Valentine's day...

                  The waits at restaurants are insane, it's never as romantic as you think it's going to be... a cozy dinner at home together, a nice meal you spent time working on (also together), and time spent just hanging out with each other (watching a movie, having sex, or anything else you want to do) is just the best time.

                  This. The waiting and slow service takes the fun out of Valentine's day. It is so much more intimate to stay home and have fun.


                  • In case anyone was wondering, I dressed up fancy, made our bedroom look romantic, baked his favorite cookies, and tried the **** ring I bought him as a gift. Successful all around!
                    Thanks to everyone for their helpful advice.



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