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New to Open Marriage—any tips?

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  • New to Open Marriage—any tips?

    After a serious illness and recovery, my hubs and I decided I could do some cyber dating. It’s been great and now I have an awesome boyfriend as well as a fantastic husband.

    One of my hub’s boundaries though, is that he doesn’t want to hear details. I’m an effusive person and after almost 25 years together, I’m used to telling him everything about my life. I’m trying to balance respecting that boundary with a feeling like I’m hiding something, even though I’m not.

    Any advice from open or poly folks?

  • You could try writing your experiences with others in the form of erotica. You could bend some truths to make it sound like fiction but with a base of truth.



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      What a wonderful resource this site is for men like me. There are so may unanswered questions men have about women and sexuality and it’s refreshing...

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    • Reply to Long term marriage with Sexual Frustration and E.D.

      Hey, just wanted to share some simple advice based on your situation:

      1. Keep talking openly with your wife about your feelings.
      2. Consider seeking help

      04-14-2024, 02:02 AM By AnnaMav
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      It's been 3 weeks since a person that I thought really cared and loved me "ghosted" me.

      It still hurts everyday...It doesn't help...

      04-11-2024, 06:22 PM By Natty1522
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      Oh I am happy that she is still able to enjoy orgasm, I always have been. I'm sure too that she is happy that I can enjoy time to myself. It's just that...

      04-11-2024, 05:11 PM By easygoing

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