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I'm not sure what to do now..

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  • I'm not sure what to do now..

    soo i was talking to this kid, him and i were friends before and everything, but we started getting closer after me and ex boyfriend broke up. and now, i don't want anything serious cause the break up between me and my ex hit me hard, i was shocked, you know? and so this kid was telling me how he always thought i was so beautiful, amazing, sweet, perfect, and all that, he would even tell me this when i was with my ex. and i have trust issues, so even though him and i were close i really didn't believe what he was saying. and since i was starting to kinda like him, i wasn't sure cause i just got out of a relationship so i didn't really show how i felt towards him but on occasions i would be flirty and stuff and he would flirt back as usual but i wasn't really straight forward about it cause i didn't wanna lead him on or anything, the last thing i wanna do is hurt someone. well anyways lately he was being flirty and stuff yet at times he would act weird like not answer to my texts and he never used to do that then i find out on facebook he has a girlfriend now. I'm thinking it could be a misunderstanding or something because when we would talk on the phone, we talked about everything and i mentioned how right now i don't want a relationship or anything serious, and he said he does want a relationship. so maybe he did wanna be with me but since i didn't want anything serious right now like he does he just went to another girl for now. but i miss him and i wanna talk to him, what do i do?

  • i was also thinking about texting him soon and talking to him. should i tell him i miss him? :3


    • Michelle welcome to the Forum

      You call him a kid....not this guy, but a kid.

      Honey, we always want what we can't have, you were right, you are not ready for another relationship, you aren't over the last one and, through lonliness, we love being loved, nice things said to us and when that's gone and we have nothing? We look back and reflect and want it....

      It doesn't matter if he was just saying it, or he liked you then, the bottom line is he now has a girlfriend.

      Don't text him, he is with someone now and don't think that you miss him, you miss a "relationship"...Start finding you and what you want next time out of a relationship and heal over the last one so you can move on.



      • bumping


        • I agree with CW here. I'd be worried anyways about his behavior since he seems a bit flighty and seems to flirt a lot when he shouldn't be (aka when YOU'RE not single and when HE'S not single. He has no boundaries). If you have trust issues, I don't think he's the fix.
          In the end, the king and the pawn both go into the same box.


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