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Feeling regret.

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  • Feeling regret.

    I told my boyfriend that I don't like him anymore yesterday and now I'm feeling really regretful because I feel like I just lost a friend... what should I do? We said we'd stay friends, but I don't know if that's going to happen.

  • In most cases it's not necessary, and sometimes even unhealthy, to stay friends with an ex. At this point he probably still has feelings for you... so in my opinion you'd be stringing him along unfairly if you were to remain friends right now.


    • You told him the truth, about how you feel... I'd say you mean't you don't have "feelings for him anymore" like equals friendship and that is why you are sad and don't want to lose a "friend" .

      But as Mes said, it's difficult to remain friends and if he wasn't ready to break up then his comment of you being friends is in hope that it goes back to where it was, that's not fair on him..

      If he is not what you want in life, then that time is over...

      We can't stay just because we will hurt someone if we leave, we will hurt both by staying as one continues feeling he/she is happy and the other is incredibly sad.....

      Leaving allows him to grieve and then move on and he will move on...


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