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POLL: How much/little hair do you like to see on a guy?

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  • POLL: How much/little hair do you like to see on a guy?

    Hi all, I am a (straight) guy, I would like to have all of my body hair (permanently) removed (ie. legs, chest, back, arms). The only hair I would have left would be on the very top of my head. I know that a lot of guys have 'reasons' to be hairless (ie. sport, medical), but I think this is unfair for those like myself who mostly want it for aesthetic reasons. I am not a muscular or masculine guy.

    I'm really sitting on the fence though, because on the one hand I know I want to do it, but I'm worried about what other girls will think and whether or not they would still want to date me (I'm in my 20s).

    There are two polls in this thread. Please reply which #number suits you most, and also please check the boxes on the official poll and click vote.
    Please, only women vote, and please be honest!

    #1 - I prefer a man who is VERY hairy everywhere
    #2 - I prefer a man who is moderately hairy everywhere
    #3 - I prefer a man who has mild/trimmed hair everywhere (including chest and back)
    #4 - I prefer a man who ONLY has moderate hair on his legs and arms
    #5 - I prefer a man who ONLY has mild/trimmed hair on his legs and arms
    #6 - I prefer a man who has NO body hair at all (including legs and arms)

    I would definately consider dating a guy with no body hair, regardless of the reason
    I might consider dating a guy with no body hair, but it would be a bit strange
    I would never date a guy with no body hair, really groses me out!
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    I dated a guy who shaved his arms. I'm not sure why it bothered me, but it did. The guy I'm dating now shaves his nether regions......I thought it would bother me, but it doesn't. However, I'd probably be much more bothered by it if he was also hairless everywhere else. I like hair on a man, personally. If you're already not a masculine guy, the lack of hair will only increase the femininity, but if you're okay with that then it really doesn't matter what anyone else thinks.
    "Be what you're looking for."


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      married so my opinion doesn't count in regards to dating
      do like facial hair and hair on a man's head

      body hair, never really thought about it


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        Do any women here know of any women who are enthusiastic about hairless guys? How many roughly?


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          I can't say that I'd find that attractive and my women friends are generally same as me, and like a little hair, from what I remember when it's come up. I cannot imagine being close to a man that was less hairy than me. I'd be bothered by it, I think.

          Are you more hairy than average? Have you had comments about the hair that conditioned such a strong dislike for the hair?
          If you like that, it's really all that matters. Your confidence and comfort level will increase, if you are happy. And women love confidence, so it may not matter if there's hair or not.


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            Yeah, many people have commented on my hair. One person told me I would never find a girlfriend because I was too hairy. My barber took a look under my shirt (at the back of my neck) and said "hey everyone! come see how much hair this guy has"... lol


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              I understand now. Well, I don't know how hairy you are, but would suggest having it removed from only the less desirable areas, like your back, and leave some hair on your legs, chest for now. Would that work?
              Shame on that barber, BTW. That's unprofessional and rude.

              I like some hair, as I said. But too much everywhere, is less desirable than none, I must say. I love to feel skin, and thick hair growth prevents that.

              Eta: also, don't necessarily believe that women won't accept the hair. That's not always true. I see men all the time that seem hairy, have horrible dental structures, or other "undesirable" features that have a wife or girlfriend.
              Don't do this unless you want it for yourself.
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                Thanks atskitty for your support I've decided to do everything except the legs and arms.


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                  Skipping the above post. John, you have to be careful of listening to what other people say. That's their opinion, if they wish to be rude and make a joke about how much hair you have and that makes you feel that uncomfortable that you decide to shave everywhere then think about all the men that have "no hair" and wish they had some and then why this guy was rude enough to make fun of yours. There are so many men that have a lot of hair on their neck, and they often tend to say, to the Barber, shave it off.. Simple.

                  It's not abnormal, it's normal. Personally I love to see hair on a chest of a man, it's manly. Doesn't bother me arms/legs. I prefer his hair to be cleanly cut so a little shave on the neck, is no issue. But ultimately, hair is good don't stress it.


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                    I like the hair on my body. I was always kinda jealous of hairier men because I always associated that with manliness. When you think about it, hairiness is a secondary sexual characteristic just as much as larger size or a deeper voice. But I'm a man that likes women and I don't understand the attraction to men, so my opinion doesn't count.

                    I thought that all women loved hair and was shocked to learn that they don't. I think it's just like different men liking different types of women. All women have different preferences. My wife loves my hair. She's asked me to button up my shirts when I go out. When I asked why she said it's like cleavage. She loves to play with it.
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                      When I was younger I would think that man without body hair would be more sexier than those with. Sometimes I even thought that beard was awful and completely impossible to ever be beautiful. It just seemed to be nasty! Then I started to love man with hair and beard and now man without hair just seem to be like "little boys" which doesn't attract me at all. However, some of them are cute. So, it is just a personal thing.


                      • #12
                        If you really love someone, you don't care about his hair


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                          Yolansa has a point....but genital areas are great for cleanliness..less hair may be good...