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What school should I go to?

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  • What school should I go to?

    So I was to pursue a degree in public relations problem is there are only two schools in the country and I can't afford to become international.

    There are two school Mount Saint Vincent University in Halifax (MSVU) or Mount Royal University (MRU) in Calgary. There is no real difference the program at MSVU is called Bachelor of Public Relations with 3 placements and 1 math related course im not to keen on taking you can also minor in marketing.

    at MRU is called bachelor of communication in public relations there are only two placements and 1 course its an over view of science from high school

    I do have some transferable credits from college i did a marketing diploma but the thing is I am from Halifax but I do not want to stay here my whole life...and i need a decent pt job in my field not one just for money and there might be more opportunity in calgary but my friends/family are in halifax.

    What should I do?

  • I see your point. For me, more opportunity is in NYC, and I don't want to take an hour train ride everyday.
    I know Halifax is in a tricky spot. Are you sure there is nothing in Halifax?


    • It looks like i'm going to MRU even though i have to pay more expenses there everything is confirmed I sure hope I made the right decision. Im just doing general upgrading then applying to the program.

      Originally posted by Avatar Nirvana View Post
      I see your point. For me, more opportunity is in NYC, and I don't want to take an hour train ride everyday.
      I know Halifax is in a tricky spot. Are you sure there is nothing in Halifax?


      • Whatever school you decide to go to, make sure to CLEP out as many credits as possible! Ask your school how many they will accept. I got my accredited BA in PSY in 16 months for under 5K and I am now getting my masters at USC (University of Southern California) with it. I cannot stress enough to test out credits. You safe money and time. If you don't know what CLEPS are check out this site. Everybody on there got the degree the way I did and it explains you how to take and use CLEPS (college level examinations)... [LINK REMOVED]
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        • I think if you really want to study you should go to Halifax. Its fact that at Saint Vincent the education degree is too higher than at MRU.


          • Why don't you shift to another country where you can find a job and some more universities offering education in subject you so desire.


            • Old thread, thread closed.
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