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Difficulties with planning my homework

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  • Difficulties with planning my homework

    Hi everyone!
    I am 19 and am in my first year of studying Social Work. I've always had troubles planning my homework and always stress out when I'm nearing deadlines or exams. I really want to have good grades and be succesful with my work. So I really want to learn to plan my homework and the stuff I need to learn for exams. Does anyone have any tips for that?
    Thank you for reading! (Sorry if I made any grammatical mistakes. I'm Dutch, so English isn't my first language.)

  • Try to mostly socialize with other people who are also in school. I know from experience that it is really difficult to concentrate on homework when your friends are out of school and want to spend evenings doing something fun.


    • Hi Anne. I keep a planner with me. I list down everything that needs to be done within the next weeks or months. It also helps to ask you seniors as to how they manage they their time and still have fun. Remember, all work and no play is boring so you also have to include fun in your schedule. It may be difficult at first, but try listing 3 things that you want to be accomplished for a day and do it. If you fail try again, and when you succeed, try planning your schedule for a whole week including time and specific day. --Working Student


      • Hi,

        I've done a Bachelors, a Master's and I am near completing my PhD. Even I have/had some time management issues. What I find works is that when I get the course syllabus at the beginning of a semester, I enter all due dates (in pencil!) in a planner, both on the monthly calendar page and on the weekly pages. As assignments come up, I put them in that planner right away. At the beginning of each week, I look to see what I have to do that week and in the next week. That way I know if anything that I haven't done ahead of time needs to be accomplished and then I set aside blocks of time to do my work, estimating generously the amount of time that an assignment will take. If its a large assignment, I break it down into manageable chunks. For example, if I have a 20 page paper due at the end of a semester, for example, and I know that well in advance, I will start working on the paper about 4 weeks ahead of the due date, dedicating time each day of the first week to find 5 sources each day for the paper. The next week I will aim to have the sources read and an outline of the paper written. Then I'll sit down and write a draft of the paper the following week, and leave the last week for revising and having a peer read it. But don't be too hard on yourself. Establishing this type of routine is not easy and it takes time and commitment. If you slip up, try over. If you do this, you will likely be able to schedule your work around times when you have social events or free time, allowing you to have a decent work/life balance.


        • You have to be more responsible, it’s simple as that. Plan ahead, have a perspective on things you want to do, both school-related and personal and see what is the best course of action to take. There are no magical words or secret recipe to becoming more organized. You just want to do it and start doing it. You might want to talk to an astrologer about your personality to find out more solutions.


          • I can tell you what I used to do. I'd pay attention, as in really concentrating, in class. I'd ask all my questions to the teacher as soon as I knew I had some problem. On my free time, I'd study, do the exercises, as soon as possible after a class. It meant studying at bus stops, in the bus, while sitting at the toilet, even at restaurant tables.

            Everything could wait, till my work was done.

            It helped I didn't have a telephone, nor an agenda. No need to lose time keeping an agenda, if you never leave things to do later.

            When I'd experience a particular difficulty, I'd talk to the teacher/professor and ask for extra material.

            That till my PhD was completed. The specializations I've done afterwards, I was more sloppy and procrastinated some, but only because I knew I could afford it.

            Good luck with your studies. Ik heb mijn doctoraat gedaan niet te ver van Nederland.


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