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  • Difficult Coworker

    I work in an office supply store in the print department part time until I get a career in graphic design (yes, it's been 18 months since I graduated and I'm still looking). I have this one coworker that constantly gives me an attitude. I want to scream at him that my job is the toughest (according to other employees as well) since trying to make amends has not worked.
    I've worked with grouchy coworkers in the past and they were easily avoidable for various reasons, but this time it's hard. We are a small staff in a quiet store (until Back to School time) and others seem to like this coworker. I'm the only one that has something against him because he has something against me that remains a mystery.
    What should I do? I was told either to confront him or tell a manager. I feel if I confront him it would get worse, but if I tell a manager, it would make me look like a tattle tale. This guy is affecting my job performance, so I must do something, but what is effective?

  • As far as the attitude goes, is it just crankyness or is he harassing, etc.? That might be a determining factor on what you should do, as he's not at liberty to harass you. Plus you say he's affecting your job performance, and that's your company's business, so most likely you should really speak to a supervisor. They may ask you to try to resolve it yourself, but then again they may take a more active role, and again that's their call. Your business at work is their business.

    On the tattle tale thing, this isn't school anymore, so don't think about social concerns. Aside from being unprofessional, if you do that you're just giving him rope to hang you with in the form of some silly social obligation you have to abide by while he misbehaves.
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    • I agree w/Jen, it's really dependent on what exactly is going on.


      • Jen, it's really just crankiness. I would consider it harassing if there is name calling and shouting. I think I found the root of the problem. He is angry that I don't do my part in his department, and the reason why is because I'm not trained in it. I think I should say to my manager "I'm noticing tension between X and I, and I'm wondering if it's because I'm not trained. Is there a way for me to be trained?"


        • ^ That sounds like a good idea.
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          • Well if the job is not offering what you wish to achieve in life I think you should change your job. As being a graphics designer has its own pros.


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