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Does anyone else just want to be done with college already?

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  • Does anyone else just want to be done with college already?

    I have two more years of college left, and I am at the point of just wanting to be done already. I'm very thankful that I am lucky enough to go the the cheapest University in my state, and it's local (transportation is a bit of an issue for me), but I'm at that point. I just can't wait until I'm done and can move out. Does anyone else feel this way?

  • Yes, but for different reasons. I live on my own so it is so expensive to not have a full time job! Plus the student loans just keep piling up, I feel like I'm drowning and I haven't even started repayment yet!
    Maybe if money was endless I would love it, but right now I am so poor I literally can't cover my bills, without including the cost of food.
    I wish it was over, but I have a long way to go.


    • Yikes. I can see how that would be really hard. Good luck. You seem strong, though.


      • I'm so sick of school and wish it was over. I have years! I'm in school for nursing, but I may change to LPN instead of RN. idk. Confused.


        • Firstly, props for you for going to college! I never went in fear of the same reason that is happening to you. I took so AP classes my senior year which could have transferred my credits to my first year. However, it did not feel right for me. Family said it was a bad idea, but I chose the "College Of Life" I chose to move out of country and indulge myself a whole new culture. Learned a Language. And started my own company. I advise you to follow your heart. If you are feeling to take a break, do it. But make sure it is what you really want. Sometimes you learn more in life, than in a classroom.


          • If you're still on this website, midnightwishes, did you graduate from college in 2016? And what have you done after graduating? What job do you now have?

            I'd love to hear from you!


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