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Are you a workaholic?

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  • Are you a workaholic?

    I know some workaholics. My dad was a workaholic. I think I've become one.

    If you aren't now, have you been in the past? What did you do to overcome it?

  • I check my work emails in my spare time and am spending this weekwnd reading an 18 page document for my boss. I don't think I'm a workaholic, I just enjoy my work and see being a scientist as a lifestyle rather than a necessary task.
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    • I burn out on so many other things that I do not have the energy to become a workaholic. Unless you're asking if I am workaholic in general. I do feel like I am always go-go-go... It's sad because I want to be able to "stop and smell the roses."
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      • I wax and wane, depending on the cyclical nature of my industry. Sometimes I work for 12+ hours a day, all day in the office and skyping with customers and suppliers from different timezones in the evening. Working late, late meetings, early meetings... etc, etc.

        And sometimes I can go for days with very little to do in the slow season. I may take a long lunch and play around online all day, basically being "on call" in case needed, but not really having much else to do.

        I do enjoy my work though, and the company I work for.. so it makes the busy season a lot more tolerable!


        • I've always been a work-a-holic. My Father still is at 75 or so, can't retire, doesn't want to, bless.

          I used to work in Hospitality, Managing Restaurants so the hours were double shifts, long and included all holidays.

          Working for myself now is better, but instead of employing people, I am it. The owner, Sales Person, Property Manager, Fashionist for houses, Buyers Agent and now I'm branching out into a franchise for the fashionist side, so now I'm a graphic designer too lols.

          I have the mornings and that's it, Kia being a diabetic (our dog) has me up at 6.30am, too early for me to start work though often by 7.30am I'm off and running.

          D says I can't sit still, always on the move, if I am not working, I'm working around the house.

          I can't over come it, other than when it's holiday time, I take that time and love every minute of it, but ultimately I love working as well, so once I settle back in, I'm happy still.

          If I need time out, I get some vitamin D with a glass of wine, and a book and sit outside. That grounds me and gives me the breathing space I need.


          • Thanks for the comments. I definitely have an unhealthy work/personal life balance, and I'm working to change that. I've gone from spending about 65-80 hrs/wk between actual work time & on-call hours (at the beginning of the year) to now around 50-60hrs/wk, so I'm headed in the right direction.

            I often feel that, among my own work-mates, friends & family that there's some unspoken competition, some rivalry for who's working the most & having the hardest workload. "I worked 14 days straight, some 16 hr days..." then someone will chime in, "I did 16 days, with a mix of all 3 shifts!" One day I just stopped it & said that we all work hard, long days & none of us is any better for, or because of it. I think our goal should be to work less, and spend more time w/our families or doing whatever we have to do outside work. One woman "bragged" she hadn't seen her 10 month old awake in 5 days, and claimed she wouldn't for at least another 2! This is just sad stuff to me.

            I loved my job a few years ago. I have achieved burn out, I think, and the weekends, nights & holidays have lost their usefulness to me. I no longer can take comfort in the fact that I'm helping another family by being there. I want to be enjoying myself for a change.


            • You deserve to give yourself a break and enjoy the aspects of life outside of work! Take time for yourself, your family, your sanity!

              It sounds like your coworkers are in a race to the bottom. I'm a big proponent of work hard/play hard. I've seen it make marginally productive people become rockstars.. our brains need time away.


              • Talking about workaholics, what amount of time is actually spent working versus at work. My husband spends all his time at work, but during that time, he also is doing personal bills, chatting with co-workers, spending time on the phone with me, etc. I think many people don't actually work those long hours at work. Work becomes their lives so they incorporate their personal and social time there too.

                When I used to work in an office, i was very much a 9-5 type. That is because I spent the entire 8 hours working. Maybe 5 minutes on personal emails, but that was it. I didn't chat with coworkers or anything like that. I was super productive and was known in the office for getting a lot done. Now that I work from home, I am the opposite. I incorporate lots of personal time (being on WH) during my "work day" so I end up working a lot more hours. I could say I spend 10-12 hours/day at work, but I don't really work that many hours.
                Freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose - Kris Kristofferson and Fred Foster (sung by Janis Joplin)


                • I think that's a big part of the problem Dream, is that when I'm at work, it's a very intense, stressful time. Many days we don't get to eat anything at all, much less take an actual break time. My personal choice is to bring protein bars or fruits to eat quickly as I move through the day. There's no time for personal business at all, and if there's some matter of a personal nature that needs attending to, we each tell someone so there's coverage for our absence from the "work" at hand. It's just very stressful, overwhelming, and even time at home, it's become very difficult to decompress and leave it all at work. We are understaffed, and too much work for the staff to do efficiently. Some of us work differering shifts from day to day, tho I've refused to do any more overnights. I had to draw a line. I'm tired, been at this for about 10 years now & it's just time for something else. I do love the work I do, but it's just too much.


                  • Sounds as if you are all being abused to a degree Kitty.

                    I've read this so many times, where there is no hour off lunch break, morning tea break which is law here and we have Fair Work Trade, to turn to. Off course, then we face a reason a firm can come up with, to fire us but again, then we have Fair Work Trade, should that be done.

                    Have you considered building a resume and posting it out left right and centre and taking that lunch break to attend an interview and find someone who respects your hard work and rewards you for it, gives you the proper breaks and lets you enjoy your work, breathe, go home and want to come back the next day?
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                    • I'm not a workaholic.

                      I have this idea that life is very short, one only lives once. I have this idea I should spend more time with people I love giving them my full attention, before I'd have to regret not doing so, when it's too late.

                      I have this idea regrets, in general, are terrible and that I don't want to feel them.

                      I have this idea I want to try different things, experience different things, enjoy different hobbies, live intensely.

                      I have this idea resting and, sometimes, doing absolutely nothing, feels good.

                      Putting all of this together, I arranged my life in a way I can work, but also do all of the things I find important, and even some I don't.

                      Don't get me wrong. I've studied all I've could, because I love studying. I work full time. I own a house, I don't have debts and have good savings. I don't see a reason I should work more than I do.

                      When I leave work, I do just that: I leave it where it belongs. I'm fresh and open to enjoy the rest of my day with people I love and doing activities I also love, with 100% of me, of my attention. Next day I go to work, I leave the rest of my life behind and am 100% at work. I'll do my best with skill and love. Till I leave again. And repeat.


                      • There are times it does feel abusive, CW, but I do choose to stay so I can't complain really. I have been scanning available openings, both within my corporation & elsewhere, to find something less intensive & consuming. Problem is, with my degree & my specialty, I'm in a niche that just not many in our field have need for, while being quite valuable where I am currently. I can do something different, and move into the education side of it tho, which is part of my plan. I just know that I can't continue this way much longer. I have recently cut back, as I've said, and there have actually been days I've just walked outside to have a snack. It only puts me behind & in a position to "catch up" for those 15 minutes I was away, which causes more stress, so it's often not worth it. I do love the work, but it's time to have a life I guess.


                        • Born workaholic.


                          • I have inherited the trait from my father as well. I found myself in a downward spiral of too much work. Instead of getting more caught up in the whirlwind, I started to find work that brought more happiness and ended up totally replacing my job.
                            When you love what you do, you never work a day in your life


                            • I once felt that way too jean. Even loving the work didn't keep me immune from burnout and exhaustion, and eventually resenting it. I need more balance I suppose.


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