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An example of a poor interview/interviewer?

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  • An example of a poor interview/interviewer?

    A friend and I had a job interview yesterday for the same company, her interview was half an hour after mine.

    The email said it was an informal interview, so I wasn't nervous at all, the man who interviewed me was friendly but he didn't really ask me many (what I would class as) interview questions. I left feeling confident and was pleased that it had gone well, I'd answered his questions thoroughly and asked my own in return.

    My friend however, got the grilling of her life. He asked her every interview style question under the sun and questioned every answer she gave. She said it was the most uncomfortable interview she'd ever had. She was given difficult scenarios and all that jazz!

    Our interviews were the complete opposite!

    Now, after hearing how hers went it left me feeling a lot less confident. As if he was just humoring me for 30 minutes.

    Is it a bad sign?

  • First thing for me is, there's no such thing as an "informal" interview, so I hope you didn't approach it so casually that they didn't take you very seriously.
    What type of job were you interviewing for? What credentials are required?
    As CW asks above, are you sure it was the same man, and what types of questions were you asked?


    • My husband does some minor hiring for a Fortune 500 company and it seems like it is very regimented and you MUST ask every candidate the same questions and judge their answers the same way - or else! Government intervention! Lawsuits! Bad stuff!

      Is it possible she was at a different "level" of interviewing than you were? Was it for the same position?
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      • Private companies do not have to adhere to the "same questions for everyone" policy like government or educational organizations. My husband does a lot of free lance human resource work for several local private companies in the area. Most of the time the company already knows who will be hired or promoted before any interviews. Basically his job is to make it all seem realistic so no candidates grip or groan. Our state is a "right to work state" so there are no guarantees for obtaining or keeping a job. Employers can dismiss any worker without any specific reason. They simply have to say it was a "work slow down". This is also used in both government and educational agencies to get rid of people. The only difference is instead of "work slow down", they cite budget problems and lack of funding. But there always seems to be some type of mysterious new grant to hire the person ( usually a relative or friend) a short while later. Not exactly fair, but its all legal. So in 85-90% of the cases in both private and government interviews; it is just a formality to make everything "look good".


        • Hi everyone! Thanks for all of your replies It was the same man who interviewed us both.

          I'll cut to the chase here, I GOT THE JOB!!!! I got an 8/10 rating on my interview and it turns out I had indirectly answered any questions he had planned to ask me haha yayy!


          • Congratulations!


            • Congratulations, shweedart. I hope you friend won't be mad at you.
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