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  • Hi. I've been working from home for about eight years now. I started out as a transcriptionist and built my profile and reputation through the years. Then I got into what I've always loved doing which was writing. I wrote travel articles first and then proceeded to different niches. You can actually visit sites that encourage stay-at-home moms to work with them. I find it really convenient and fulfilling, being able to work and earn while taking care of my daughter.


    • The way it worked for me was that I enrolled in a work at home employment gateway called Upwork and after that, from their, customers would ask and welcome me for interviews. Expectation this makes a difference! Likewise, it truly is an incredible approach to kind of get occupied from feeling discouraged and stuff...
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      • Working from home is desirable for lots of people, but you have to be self disciplined and let people in your office and/or clients that they can contact you. Lots people will have office blindness and forget the person is actually working and won't contact them or will be very wary of contacting them. Also, lots people (mainly men) will be scared to work for home because they either think the office will collapse if they are not there or know that they need a certain environment to work in. With today's technology is far easier to be productive and prove you are being productive by working from home. However, some companies still feel the need for an office environment and all of their workers to be in once where in reality it is not really needed.


        • Thank you Ahsan1900.


          • I also work from home. I`m a freelance writer at australianwritings.com.au. I can work from any place and in what time I want. But I think that for some people it can be challenging because you have to be a very responsible person and do all the tasks in time.
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            • You're right, JennyClay: you do have to be responsible and aware of time management. It takes disipline to write for a living. Thankfully, we both [I assume] enjoy the process of writing. I think writing is something you either love or loathe. Maybe I'm wrong about that, but many find writing boring. I have never been that person: I started writing 20 years ago and haven't stopped. What about you? I'd be interested in hearing about your experiences, JennyClay.


              • I have never worked from home and am wondering what the pros and cons may be...


                • Hello, kakica. The pros are that you don't have the stress or pressure of other workers and you can manage time your way.

                  The cons are that you're alone all day and - if motivating your work is hard - then you'll not get much done at all. You do have to disciplined with yourself and just get the work done. I find myself that I prefer my own company and can happily be alone all day. Whereas many other people much rather spend their working day with other people. It really depends on your personality.

                  Just be honest with yourself about your abilities and personality. At the end of the day, it is your prerogative. I do hope I've helped!


                  • Nice post popcorn, you heled a lot!


                    • I always do!


                      • I work as a freelance copywriter. And the most difficult is to organize my time.
                        I've always been scared by the word deadline.
                        So, I need some courses of time-management.
                        I've already bought one
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                        • I always work better alone. I don't know why, but I do. But I appreciate others need motivation in terms of being with other people. I have no problem motivating myself, though. But I understand what is being said.


                          • I can't work at home, because there is no concentration. This job takes a lot of time. If in the office I can do it in 2 hours, at home it will take 4


                            • That's fair enough: everyone has their own way.


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