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    I'm a bit perturbed by the whole situation at this point.

    I did get a text from my direct manager today at 6 asking me to come 30 mins before my shift tomorrow for the interview, and discussion​, and will be just 3 of us. Doesn't sound like the brutal, serious interview I was told to expect.

    The most recent meeting was regarding a whole different direction they want to take the position.

    So, is that good...Or bad?
    I'm not nervous, as I have decided to decline even if offered, likely. That's been my plan anyway.
    I've been disappointed in the handling of the promotion. I'm told at least one other candidate also removed herself from consideration for similar reasons. Another I talked to had similar reservations as me.
    Not sure if it's our facility's management or our HR management in corporate that's made this such a complicated process.

    So, I will update again tomorrow.


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      good luck!
      if it truly would be a promotion, would ask if this is a new permanent position they are adding to your workplace
      and what happens if at some point they decide they don't want anyone in that position, would you go back to current job?


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        They have decided to down grade the role and split it into 2 full time temporary positions, until they are ready to integrate into one full time permanent. So, at least they have finally decided and plan to make offers in the next couple weeks.

        When they officially promote, these positions will resume regularly scheduled programming. lol

        I'm just not sure. I fear if I pass this offer, if it's made, that i will be overlooked for the promotion when it is actually a promotion.

        I think these are test runs. And I am not sure i like that. If they dont have confidence in my ability to lead, then why consider me at all.
        I am told it's more a budget change. If that's the case, then i can anticipate that this won't change until after January, when a new budget would be rolled over.

        I just don't know. I would really like to get back to day shift again and this doesn't allow that at all, not in the foreseeable future. I asked, and they are willing to allow me to work longer shifts, and fewer days on in this new role. That helps.

        They asked where my priorities are, within our company. Wasn't like a real interview, but discussion. I have told them before that I'd like to eventually be in a mgmt, or admin role here. That has been my goal for awhile now. I want something less stressful and less "front lines". Still stressful but less intense.

        I think that an offer is coming my way, based on the discussion, but i don't know. I am not sure who the other candidates are, though I know at least 2 have already bowed out of the race.

        Good vibes my way please!


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          Originally posted by atskitty2 View Post
          They have decided to down grade the role and split it into 2 full time temporary positions, until they are ready to integrate into one full time permanent.
          This does make it seem like a contest and the best mgr gets the final position.
          Sounds like you will probably be one of the two. Let us know. Hopefully, it would help if you could work less days.
          Sending good thoughts your way.


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            thanks amy!


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              What happened? Did they place offers for the two jobs?


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                Not yet. Supposedly this week or next. Lol


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                  I have received no offers, no declined messages. Nothing, and it's Thursday.

                  The whole situation has left me discouraged. In speaking off the record with my colleagues and my superiors, their only real concern was with my health, and what the added stress will do to me.

                  I pointed out the progress I have made and my requests recently for more shifts and more work. I am ready to fire up again.
                  All that was prior to the interview process beginning, but it does leave me wondering if, in their mind, I am not management material any more. I was approached previously about manager roles. Am I now unpromotable?

                  I'm speculating completely. It's a corporate thing that I probably have no idea about, and what's been said in the meetings regarding the position.

                  I have thought it may be time to leave and pursue another niche. I've been in this facet of my field for 10+ yrs. Can't see myself doing anything else really, tho I was happy doing other work before.
                  A day shift job, with no weekends or holidays, I wouldn't know what to do with myself...

                  Maybe this is the catalyst for moving forward outside this specialized world. lol
                  I somehow sense maybe it's just time


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                    I'd probably feel the same way. Actually, I know I would. If you desire to move up and they're not offering you that opportunity for whatever reason, it is a sign that it may be time to move on. I can't help but feel they've yanked you around a bit over this and it just looks bad on them from a management perspective.
                    "Be what you're looking for."


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                      So, the job offers were supposed to have gone out 2 wks ago. I was planning my follow-up feedback questions for why I'd not been given an opportunity.

                      I have been browsing jobs available in the area. Not much I'm interested in, but things I'd like to know more about.

                      Then...almost 8pm I get a msg from my mgr asking to chat about the job. ?????
                      I am not available so I told her I'd call tmrw.

                      What now?

                      I'm going to decline, regardless.
                      As I agree, the whole 6 months of the process have left me reconsidering whether I want to continue a career with them. Feel like I've been jerked around, and I'm obviously not a no-brainer in their minds. I think I can do better and want that for myself.


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                        Hear her out. I agree the communication has been poor at best. But perhaps she will explain. I don't blame you for wanting to decline, but go in with a semi-open mind to at least hearing her out.
                        "Be what you're looking for."


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                          Originally posted by atskitty2 View Post
                          I have been browsing jobs available in the area.
                          What now?
                          I'm going to decline, regardless.
                          kitty, if you hadn't been interested in the job, you wouldn't have done all the interviews

                          if they offer it to you, why not take it?
                          if you've decided to leave the company, it will take time to find a new job

                          having a job promotion on your resume, can serve to increase your value when job hunting
                          (of course, if you don't want to explain why you'd want to leave co. after a promotion, it could be left off resume)

                          but why not make more money in meantime?


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                            I do intend to listen, didn't mean to imply I wouldn't even consider what she has to say. if it is a job offer, I will have to think about it, and unless something changed, I really don't think I want the job on the terms they're offering.

                            Speaking of pay, amy, I was a bit shocked at how little they're giving. it amounts to less than $40/week pretax, which is laughable for all the added stress and workload expected. it was bordering on insult to hear that. And as it stands, it is NOT a manager role, just a different leadership role....and I'm already in a leadership role, so why take on more stress and more hours, which would probably mean I earned less when it's all factored in. Then the change in shift, to an even more undesirable schedule....lol

                            The other reasons I'd turn it down are due to the way they've handled all this...it's been disappointing to say the least. I just don't know if that type of management is one i can get behind and support.
                            And if I'm not one of the first 2 choices, I really don't want to be a last resort...that's another insult to me.

                            So, we'll see. It may be another discussion of, "we are reevaluating the job description"....lol.


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                              For that kind of increase, if it's additional work and stress, I probably wouldn't even consider it. I didn't realize the pay increase was so minimal. It sounds like a lateral move anyway. With the shift change, pay, etc I think it would be off the table for me.
                              "Be what you're looking for."


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                                BD, it isn't exactly a lateral move, tho' in some ways it is. They're essentially just changing names of the role, giving it a glaze of supposed authority and then test them out for the managerial role to come later. That's what I gathered it to be.
                                They're giving the title authority to do some things. I had decided it simply wasn't worth all that. More hours, more stress and responsibilities and little benefit. I'd have done it for the higher consideration for manager later, but their handling of it, the communication with us, has left me thinking I may not want to do that anyway.

                                Regardless, I was offered to go back to first shift. I took that of course.
                                The whole conversation was awkward. She started out asking about my family, and making lighthearted jokes about my parents predicament. I felt that she was very nervous.
                                She told me she was afraid it would get back to me before i had been informed. I said, I expected an email of decline to the candidates after offers had been accepted. Isn't that typically how it works?
                                She said ppl were talking, and that someone saw her schedule with me on first shift and was shocked and asking questions. I felt like saying, so....You guys can't keep info confidential, or there's ppl you can't trust getting the info first, or???
                                Didn't strike me as professional at all...

                                So, I immediately asked for feedback on why I wasn't offered the position. I got the cookie cutter answer. The standard answer I used to read like a script when I was a manager years ago.
                                I said, you don't have to answer now, you can get back to me. " Yeah I'll get an answer and get back to you" and rather abruptly ended the call, I thought.

                                In my mind I'm thinking, is this the reason? Am I really that difficult to talk to? Can I not just have an honest, thoughtful answer that I can learn from? I bet I have to ask again for feedback.
                                Very irritating because I have never had anything but good and positive performance reviews. Last year, she told me she is obligated to give one goal for improvement and she had a difficult time finding that for me, as I'm solid in every skill and have great natural leadership. Contrary to my belief that anyone, no matter how good, can do better or learn more, etc...And I told her that, tho appreciated that they value my experience.

                                I was approached and encouraged to apply last times manager roles came open... Even outside my department. Our site manager told me more than once she saw me in mgmt or admin the first time we met...
                                Before my illness took over... Tho' in one discussion recently, the site manager did remind me of her "gut" sense on my potential in the company all along. How she's eyed me for management for 5 yrs...

                                All BS? Idk.
                                I'm a bit bitter, honestly. The leadership I asked, BEFORE I applied told me that everyone is concerned about my health and that would be the only negative they could think of. These were leaders I work with directly, not those making the decision.

                                I really want to know how I can improve. Because I need to do that for any job. I have decided that it's time to look elsewhere tho. Obviously, if I'm not going to be promoted to this, my own department and area of knowledge, I won't be promoted elsewhere within the organization. Time to strongly consider moving on. I don't want to be stagnant and I want to move forward, whether that means more education or another path altogether.

                                Any thoughts? Hit me hard, I need the insights. Yes I already feel I'm a bit negative, so I am working on that already.