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Upcoming interview 2

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  • Upcoming interview 2

    So, the place I posted about in June, that I had decided was not a good option, contacted me last week. I decided to interview, for the practice and experience anyway. They did 2 phone interviews with me in 2 days and I have a personal interview next week.

    I'm of a very mixed mind on this job. The 3 hr drive is such that, I would need to maintain a residence there thru the week. The salary is not that much more than I currently earn, so, it would be a stretch for awhile. The possibility of advancement is there, the culture and work is very appealing.

    Part of me feels that I need to just do it, because I need to shake things up a little. My life has become sorta stuck, a new job, new city with new challenges may be very good for me.
    I feel an offer is a good possibility from how well the interview process is going so far.

    I have reservations in the financial aspect, as I do not want to put myself in a hard spot with the added expenses. And quite honestly I am not sure that I want to eventually move to this city. Work from home is currently only 2 days a week, once on boarding is complete. Maybe soon they will offer more at home days....?????
    Any thoughts?
    I can always accept an offer and keep looking.

    I know that I need desperately to be out of my current role soon. I'd set a goal of September, then reset it for December once I saw the local job prospects. So, this would meet my original goal. This job pays well, but the hours and stress is just more than I can accept any more. I need to get out.
    This new job pays well too, without the grueling schedule and expectations for added workload. Casual and healthy workplace environment. Benefits and perks are amazing, as best I can determine.

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    the new job opportunity seems to have more pluses than minuses (for your life)
    as you said you could take it and keep job hunting

    tough decision since it's hard to know what other opportunities will come your way before Dec.
    or if this will be your only good job offer this year

    good luck interviewing!
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      Thanks amy. Decided to go for it if an offer is made. I think it's foolish not to.
      I have been counting the days... I've been so excited by the idea that I could be less than a month in my current job.
      Turning in my letter of resignation has given me butterflies. That's terrible. It is really time to get out, and into a new part of my career.


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        I meant, the thought of turning in my resignation...

        I will drive to the city today and spend the night, so I'm not exhausted from an early morning drive. My interview is mid morning.

        As I've mentioned, the office there is super casual, including yoga pants if you want. I was told not to be concerned about over dressing for the in person interview. I still will wear a suit, tho. I just think anything less is inappropriate. Old fashioned I guess. I bought a new one when I decided to start job hunting, so I have pants to hem. I am not even a mediocre seamstress but I couldn't get them done professionally this week. I am going to Google life hacks for hemming dress pants. I also bought a gorgeous new blouse that I think looks great on me. I will take off the jacket and keep that on once I've been seated.

        From what the others told me, the in person interview was even more difficult than the second phone interview. They said their questions were not on any lists they'd Googled to study... Lol.
        My plan is just to stay relaxed and do the best I can. This is a place that I think inserting my sense of humor may serve me well.

        Wish me well...


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          Fear I think stopped you from thinking it through with the amount of positives that I just read that it offers you

          I think it's a fantastic opportunity for you and that you will just love it, if it presents itself and if not, your fear may have shown instead of the enthusiasm so wishing you well and be positive as you are now over it and google :P


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            I'm curious if the city you'd be moving to has a similar cost of living? If not, that could be an issue if you're not getting paid much more.

            If you want out of where you are, I don't see that it will hurt to give it a shot. It sounds like you've probably already decided, but I think it could be a really good thing for you. And even if it ends up not being, you will be in a new city with new opportunities!
            "Be what you're looking for."


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              It isn't a significant difference in the cost of living. The weather difference bothers me most. It's only 3 hrs north but, the change in climate is rather stark.

              The interview was much more intense than I had prepared for. It was 45 minutes of questions and then another 45 minutes of tests on the computer and written. Was not prepared to remember equations from college... Totally threw me a curve ball with that one...

              They submitted me for a background check tho, so I think that's a good thing.


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                It seems to me that this new job could be just right for you. You've mentioned the plus points of the role you'd be taking. I think if you really do need to get out - and you're offered the job - I'd take it. I think you'd be very happy in your new role. That's the idea I get, anyhow. Good luck!


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                  Originally posted by atskitty2 View Post
                  This job pays well, but the hours and stress is just more than I can accept any more. I need to get out.
                  This new job pays well too, without the grueling schedule and expectations for added workload. Casual and healthy workplace environment. Benefits and perks are amazing, as best I can determine.
                  Best wishes on getting a job that doesn't chew you up. Too bad the managers at your current job have not analyzed the situation and adjusted the schedule and workload.
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