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Need A New Direction

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  • Need A New Direction

    I am thinking of applying for another job. For over ten years I've been working as an admin assistant for a charity. I love the work, but am starting to feel the urge for a change. My life doesn't seem to be going anywhere and I want more. But anxiety holds me back. I need new opportunities and to take the bull by the horns. Still, anxiety sometimes traps me, which I hate. But I have come far: I've got my own apartment and pay all the bills. I've done a lot of travelling, but not recently.

    Basically, I am stuck. What do I do? Of course, I won't quit my current job until I am sure of future employment. Because I would LOVE to work for a publishing company.I love doing general office work and want to move on up.

    Thank you for reading the post this far. In my shoes, what would you do?

  • I am "sort of" in your shoes. You are most likely the creative type, stifled by corporate/organizational mindset. I can totally relate to that after 13 years pursuing a career that has resulted in a lack of fulfillment and pretty regular frustration.

    My best suggestion is to open your mind and begin creating a plan. Calculate your bottom line - What do you absolutely HAVE TO HAVE income wise to support yourself monthly? Then start looking, take some part-time gigs if you have to, set job alerts on indeed, linkedin, etc for jobs in the publishing world. Virtual Assistants are a big thing now, too!

    Start creating your path and gradually ease yourself into it.
    "Be what you're looking for."


    • I agree with BD. Also consider some classes or additional training. Talk to some workers in publishing and find out what they look for.
      If anxiety is a struggle, and slowing you down, what are you doing to address that?


      • Thank you both for your advice! You've both said wise words.

        Addressing my anxiety: I've been advised to lie down in a quiet room before doing something I'm afraid of and just picturing myself walking into the shop/office/riding the bus etc. It'll take a few sessions but I will be able to manage the anxiety. Funnily enough, my father mentioned to me today that as a baby I could've picked up on his anxiety. It would explain a lot, although I would never blame my father or be angry with him.

        To the practical: I am considering doing an English Literature AS-Level in September. It'd only be part-time and it would be adult education. I certainly do not need computer training or another qualification in computing, as I have these already. My English is excellent and my mathematics servicable. I have the basic qualifications. I don't need to be taught office skills, as these I possess already.

        I am considering going to the volunteer centre or job centre about extra part-time work. Again, I've got all the basic skills.

        I will consider both your advice, definitely. And, yes Ashlee T: I am a highly creative person but rarely use it at work. Although I am also a published writer, so that is a great outlet. I used to paint, too: I was very good. Anyhow, I would LOVE a creative and inspiring job. I love books and I love reading, hence the interest in publishing.

        Again, thank you both!


        • If you plan to take this class, are you certain it would be attractive to those in the publishing industry? That's kind of what I was encouraging. Do you know anyone currently in the industry that you can seek advice and direction for what they look for, even in their office assistants and so forth?

          Have you tried meditation? I'm working on that myself, and it truly helps. It's an acquired skill, and takes a lot of time and commitment, but I'm finding that it's the best 3 to 5 minutes I carve out of my day. My life is unsettled and hectic, and I can see a big difference if I simply remember to do this. There are good apps for it as well.


          • Thank you for your reply, atskitty2. You've been very helpful. And I will try meditation: even my dad has suggested it.

            Sitting there, just closing my eyes and letting thoughts drift and ebb, could very much work at reducing anxiety when under pressure or otherwise. I definitely fall asleep easily at night, so laying there - or sitting on a sofa - chilling out and letting thoughts wander is something I will do. Now, I do realize you cannot push thoughts away: you have to let them pass by, as if an observer on the side of the road, watching the cars drive past. I write this because there is a video where you're told how to meditate and this is the method they suggest. I do also believe thoughts are there for a reason: by letting yourself think it, you'll go down a path where you see the light or the truth or have clarity.

            I realize I'm running on a tangent, but what I've written is true: as least to my beliefs.

            Back to the new direction: I will find out what skills a employee needs to get into publishing/office work. English Literature could be an enjoyable course, too: whether or not it's needed. But I see your point. Office work - not writing - is where my money comes from. Even though I've published my work on the Internet and with Internet publishing companies. Getting paid for my work seems impossible. So it's back to plan A: extra office work.

            Anyhow, thank you everyone for all your advice: it's much appreciated.


            • I went to work as normal today: and felt happy within myself. I don't want to lose my job with the charity, but still need something to change in my life: a way to move forward.

              I just don't know where exactly I want the change in my life. Career? Travel? Friends?

              Have you ever been stuck-in-a-rut? What did you do about it? Are you happy with those changes?

              I'd be very interested in reading other people's replies.


              • Rather than leaving your current employer, take a look at what is required there and what role you could morph into to fill the void. Do it on the down low, do your homework, use due diligence, then if you have all the skills necessary (if you don't have the skills - upgrade) and make a full presentation for the job you want. If you've been with this company for 10 years then they must have some attraction for you. Find the hole, then you can fill that hole.
                That which we forget may as well never really happened.


                • I had not realized I could move on up in my current role. I am very glad you've suggested it, Claret. I definitely love using the computer, so could be given computer work. Plus, I have IT qualifications, so that will greatly help. I do love my current role and am taking your advice seriously.

                  Thank you all for your advice. I definitely am considering everything you've suggested.


                  • I always say why change the devil you know for the devil you don't know. I wish you luck.
                    That which we forget may as well never really happened.


                    • Thank you, Claret.


                      • I am now 100% sure I'm sticking with my current job. I feel more happy and comfortable there now. I won't be applying for any other job. I have realized I love the job and shall carry on there.


                        • Good for you girl
                          what helped you reach this point of contentment?


                          • I just realized I like the bus ride. Plus, everyone is friendly. I know what I'm doing and have initiative with my role within the charity. Plus, I just like the members of staff and feel comfortable.

                            Better the devil you know: although there is no devil at the charity I work at. LOL.


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