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What is your ideal home?

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    I like we have sidewalks in our neighborhood and a front porch where we can sit. However, we miss neighbors that have moved away. The neighborhood has changed a lot. Neighbors that were good friends are gone and don't feel that connection with newer neighbors. Why do things have to change.


      What an interesting post
      My ideal home doesn't have to be big, but it must have a small garden for me to grow flowers and trees. I love do gardening so much
      The house would have 2 floors (or 3 would be fine), my family has 5 members so it would be 1 living room, 1 kitchen, 3 bedrooms and 3 toilets.
      I will adopt dogs and cats. Just that simple


        Right now, I'm living in my dream house I believe. It's four bed rooms and four bath with two car garage and pool & hot tub in a nice size back yard. So now it's just me and the wife plus kitty cat. My daughters are all move out living in there own lovely house now. : - )
        When out driving always turn left. Then, should you become lost, you can find your way home by reversing the procedure and always turning right.


          The definition of an ideal home may differ from people, but for me this is the place where I could rest after a hefty day. So, it should be in a convenient zone for me. I'm used to living in city life, and so my place of residence should be in one place. Thank you for this question, and this allows me to describe the place of my dreams.

          The place should be in the center of the city or place. Most of the time people prefer to live in a quiet place, but I'm against them. I need a crowded place to stay. In fact, crowded places offer some special advantages that are not available in solitary and quiet places. Sometimes quiet places can not provide easy access to people. But living in the city center will allow you to enter your home in any of the directions. Communication is one of the important issues that should be considered here.

          To be specific in the matter, I prefer to be happy more than to receive any material things. So, I want my place to be filled with joy. I need a chance to have a cup of coffee and read a book sitting on a rocking chair or looking up at the sky. This place should also contain crowds of people under my house, and I could enjoy the noises coming out of the crowd. In fact, I want to be alone among the crowd, and this is one of the special ways to get feelings. A proper ventilation system must also be installed in this area. Security is another important issue. I want it to be provided. I want to have a safe and sound sleep. But if I'm worried about security, I can not sleep peacefully. I'm a little sensitive to fittings, and so tiles and other necessary fittings should also be improved.

          I am a kind of wanderer and I can not live with people for a long time. So, I need a place where I can live my lonely life. But the place should be without problems. I do not want the slightest problem, fulfilling my passion.


            I love your post, Loric2014. It is interesting in how you say you love living with big crowds nearby and are a wanderer. I agree happiness doesn't come from material things, although I have sometimes fooled myself that it does. Anyhow, an inspiring post.