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Is a mother's love true?

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  • Is a mother's love true?

    All my life (25 years) I have had a difficult relationship with my mother. After attending a funeral for a mother who was the last person her daughter had, I have felt shameful of what I have done to my mom. Someday I will lose her and actually be heartbroken that she is gone.
    My mother said she always loved me, but I wonder if this is true and if she knew that no matter what I said, I always had some sort of love for her.

  • Not automatically, no. Her actions only reflect love if that's what she feels. It's somewhat natural, but mothers are people just like anyone. They can be good or bad and everything in between.
    "Those sowing seed with tears
    Will reap with a joyful shout." - Psalm 126


    • Avatar Nirvana, I also have a very difficult relationship with my mother.

      I think the worst of my mother. But I still do things for her and pretend everything is alright. She's almost 70. I take her on vacation, even though when we're together she tortures me. I do what I can and seek medical help to survive the damage she does to me after we part.

      I don't want to care how bad she is. I want to do my part. She's not doing hers, it's her problem. I find love within myself... for myself. I don't need hers.

      We can be like this to everybody. I'm not blind to people's lacking. I see them for what they are. But I choose to be myself even to people I actually despise. And being myself is being polite, helpful, warm. I don't really care if they don't deserve. I sleep with a clean conscience and I have no regrets.

      So, if you fear you've mistreated your mother, or done things you regret, you can choose to mend them now. Do what you think you should be doing. You can't control how people feel about you. You can't even really control how you feel about people. But you can control your actions. We can act with compassion, even when we think the other doesn't really deserve it.

      If you've made mistakes, you can pick up the pieces and be a better version of yourself. I'm not saying you've done it. I'm just saying, IF you have, you can forgive yourself and move on.

      I'm not saying you should do. I'm saying you can, if you wish.

      You can even call her right now and make up for lost time. If you wish.

      Good luck.


      • Not every mother is deserving of unconditional love and forgiveness. Every person is flawed, so obviously mothers have to be flawed too - some of them so flawed as to be abusive. On the flip side of the coin, children can contribute to having an unhealthy relationship with their parents too, especially in adulthood.

        It's reasonable for a teenager/young adult to struggle with their relationship with their parents in our culture - it's hard figuring out who you are independent of them. Your mother probably understands that. If you were to reach out to have a closer relationship, she'd probably welcome it.
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        • Well your right Little, some mother can be horrible people as well. I was a very lucky boy who's birth mother who left me on the street at 5 years old. As I was in and out of foster home and boy's orphanard.Then I was adopted by a loving mom and dad who raised me from 11 years old. Now they are both pass on. I consider them my parents not my real birth parents who I couldn't care less for. So what I am saying there are some mothers who do deserve being treated like a mother because of there evil ways....
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          • My birth mother didn't care if I live or died. So I will say not all mother's who give birth really don't care about there kids. I know this first hand my birth mother had 9 kids and didn't raise one of them or even love any of us for that matter.
            When out driving always turn left. Then, should you become lost, you can find your way home by reversing the procedure and always turning right.


            • It's too late for me to mend any difficulties with my mum. She had been a lovely lady, really, and I regret I missed out because of my attitude problem. I feel sad for that lost time now she's dead. I won't let her death be for vain.


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