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aging parents

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  • aging parents

    don't know how many of you have aging parents or ones with health problems

    parents determined to stay in home
    know people want to stay in their homes forever but think at some point, it's time to go to condo, small apt, or assisted living (with no stairs)

  • Dealing with the issue now. Lots of drama surrounding it, but my parents are separate again, at 83 & 79 yrs old. It's crazy, what's happened in my opinion. I'm deeply troubled by it, and feel helpless.

    I'll not go into detail, but I'll be traveling there in the next day or so to attempt to rescue my dad. He's been living essentially homeless in his former place of business for the last 4 months. No bath, no grooming, and I just found out a few days before Christmas that my brothers have been trying to get him out all this time.

    It's a mess.
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    • wow that is scary!
      hope he will listen and be moved somewhere safe

      worry about the stairs
      if you need a walker to walk, does it make sense to climb to second floor everyday


      • I agree, stairs for someone needing a walker is worrisome. I believe that I would have to put my foot down in that instance. But, obviously, easier said than done.


        • My mum passed away in 2014. She had been in her 60's. My dad is still alive & well thankfully. He is in his 60's. My dad still drives and gets around. He is looking at cars on the Internet ATM. His car is old and has seen better days. Anyhow, he isn't ill or anything!


          • My folks are 70 and 75 and heavy smokers, and all my relatives died from smoking related illnesses, other than the first stage of COPD my dad is in great health, still has all his teeth, can only see really good out of one eye but he's pretty spry. My mom is a huge complainer and says we treat her like 'a second hand citizen' because we all make her smoke outside, and when we have Christmas at her house, make her smoke outside (it's a tiny little old house). We've begged them to quit we know we'll be taking care of them soon, and they are so close, married 51 years now, that when one goes the other will soon follow. Hard to imagine but it's getting more realistic every day.
            My sister lives within 5 miles, I live 60 miles away, I'm sure she'll take the brunt but I dont' want to be left out of their sunset years I'm trying to keep up the visits and calls and get them out as much as I can. But there's the guilt, why did I move so far away? Oh that' right, mom drives me crazy! lol


            • Yes, dealing with issues related to aging parents. I don't know if they don't realize their own aging and disability or they don't care. I know I don't want to end up like that. But didn't we all say that when we were teenagers and end up very much like our parents!!!

              For me, I'm already thinking for aging now. I want to buy an apartment in a public transportation friendly city so I don't have to rely on others to drive me around when I'm old. I have also been saving for retirement. Also got lots of life and disability insurance. The only thing I haven't done yet is create a living will and estate plan, but hopefully soon. My children are my luxuries, not my retirement. I don't want to live in my huge 2 story house forever. Hopefully one of the kids will take it and start their own family. And I'm mentally preparing myself to move into a retirement community. There are some really nice ones these days.
              Freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose - Kris Kristofferson and Fred Foster (sung by Janis Joplin)


              • Hello there, I can understand what you are dealing with currently. It sometimes becomes hard to move with parents. I always stay motivated with the through that my parents were the only one who supported in my good and bad and they were the one who picked me up when I fell. I love my parents and I am sure you also do. It feels great to hear when children are concerned about their parents. As you told you can buy a walker for them so that they can get a good assistance. You can also keep a full-time maid so that she can take care of them when you people are not around. I hope you get positivity. May the lord bless you and your family with good health. Best of luck.


                • Originally posted by DreamP346 View Post
                  For me, I'm already thinking for aging now. I want to buy an apartment in a public transportation friendly city so I don't have to rely on others to drive me around when I'm old. I have also been saving for retirement. And I'm mentally preparing myself to move into a retirement community. .
                  dream, missed this post of yours; great thinking!


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