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Not spending enough time with the kids.

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  • Not spending enough time with the kids.

    Ok, So I currently don't spend enough time with my kids. I have a job that saps all my time, I also do part time blogging online. My kids are still young. Their dad on the other hand gets to spend more time with them. I am kind of afraid if this trend continues, they might not value my presence that much or something.

  • Welcome to forum, jane

    are you saying that you work more than 8 hrs a day?
    are you trying to find more time for your children?


    • janedoe180, as one woman whose children are adults, out and on their own, I really wish that I had bitten the bullet and stayed home with them rather than working. I had wonderful day care but still in retrospect I missed so much. I understand that we must work at times, to balance family income, (I needed to work). But there were times when I would have other commitments for various charities, self-interest, schooling, etc. that I probably didn't need to do. I wish I could go back in time, I'd do things differently.
      That which we forget may as well never really happened.


      • Originally posted by Claret View Post
        But there were times when I would have other commitments for various charities, self-interest, schooling, etc. that I probably didn't need to do. I wish I could go back in time, I'd do things differently.
        Thanks Claret for your honesty! A lot of women will talk about quality vs quantity time. I think, however, time is time
        because it does go all too quickly.

        I pretty much ignored our house the first yrs until our kid was in school fulltime. I thought time spent with kid was more important and if the dust bunnies piled up, so what.


        • Jane, I think you are right and wise to be concerned. Are you married to the father or is this a custody situation? How old are the kids? Can you share a bit more about the schedule and how everyone spends their time, generally?

          I think that both quality and quantity are very important, personally. I am not a parent, let me say. I am an observer and I know what my parents did.
          I am a bit old school, I believe kids need their parents, more than anything. And they need their parents to be parents. It is a difficult job. It brings many tough choices.

          Maybe with some additional info we can help. I think that since you are contemplating this, some changes likely need to be made.


          • It is important to give time to your kids, maybe during weekends you can go out, it's just a matter of time management.


            • Hello, Jane. I think you'd be right to reduce your working hours to spend more time with your kids. Will work agree? These are the early years: I am sure you'll find a way. I'd still stick with your job, obviously, but working less hours [if you can afford it] would be best. Your kids will always love you, but you are right: they need you more than ever.


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