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Help with moving out of town.....leaving family

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  • Help with moving out of town.....leaving family

    Can't seem to stay in one place very long, my husband and I love the adventure of moving to a new town. We've decided to finally settle in New England, we've lived there together (husband grew up there). The constant inner struggle is leaving FL where my whole family lives. My divorced 73 & 74 year old parents, Dad is fine and enjoying life, Mom not so much. My Son is 23 and lives with my Mom. I lived in FL most of my life, I was moved here at 16 from the San Francisco bay area. I have never liked Florida. It is too hot and humid for me to be comfortable here. I love cold weather and snow. I have asthma and for some reason, the humidity is far harder to breath in for me than the cold. I am hoping to achieve a peace so I can move to New England and not feel guilty about leaving my family behind. They all refuse to move, even though my Mom hates Florida just as much as I do. Please help!!!!

  • I remember my Grandmother begging me not to move to QLD which is just a few hours away by plane but nevertheless, so I didn't.

    You have to remember this is your life. You've given a lot to your family over the years, your son is 23 and resides with your Mom, it's your life now, they will adjust to it.

    There is the Internet, face-book, telephone to check in on everyone and when you can visit, you'll visit.

    I know it's tough as well with parents in their mid 70's but you are not responsible for your Mum being old fashioned and just staying put all be it somewhat un-happy, more likely she will actually be proud and partially jealous of your new life wishing she would do the same, you don't sit in the same rut for someone else.

    Pick up the phone every week and talk to her, if colder weather as well helps you with your illness, then it makes no sense to remain somewhere that aggravates it.

    Who knows your Mom may visit you and then decide having heard all your adventures and seeing you happy, that you made the right move and she may even consider what the she is doing remaining where she is.

    Please don't feel guilty, we have one life to live in this body, one. We owe it to ourselves to be happy.
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    • Thank you for your reply Chandlers. You are right about my Mom and her life. I hope she will leave, she deserves happiness too. I really appreciate your taking the time to help me!


      • I agree with Chandlers. Your mom will still be able to keep in contact. You've got to look after your own happiness. You shouldn't sacrifice your dreams when you're unhappy in your current situation. You're an independent person and aren't betraying your mom by moving away. In the end, your mom will realize you're happier in a new town and will be pleased for you. Your mom is older now: I understand, but you have your own life to lead.


        • I can't begin to tell you how much I've struggled with this. I don't have anyone to talk to about it besides my husband who wants to move even more than I do and isn't at all close to his family. It is a huge relief to think it's ok to move away. For my own health and well being.
          I can't thank you enough!!!!


          • It is "more than "OK" Kim. I promise you, Popcorn & Candy's comment of your Mum will see over time how happy you are, she's older now is exactly what will happen.

            Go, both of you, start your new life, heal, get better, enjoy, smile, laugh often, love always... It's your lives.


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              • You have to live your own life and live where you feel most comfortable. As Chandlers mentioned it is now a lot easier to live further part and still remain in constant contact. If you and your family in Florida all have good internet connections when there are very few excuses for not keeping in contact. You can still visit as flights are not that expensive and your mother needs to understand that the best place for you and your health is in a cooler climate. If your parents' health starts to become a big issue then you might need to re-evaluate things, but until that happens, just enjoy your life and keep in constant contact.


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                  • Originally posted by neilmith1315 View Post
                    Health insurance helps protect you from high medical care costs.
                    welcome to the forum!

                    Wish this statement were true as we pay so much monthly for insurance and with a high deductible plan, it cost me $600 for my last physical
                    somehow, it seems like WE are paying for everything

                    last time husband had to use health system, I remember writing two $500 cks, months later another $ 250 bill arrived and I said, we can't possibly owe more
                    husband argued it but we still had to pay it, what's the point of insurance

                    I just don't go to the Dr anymore as I don't like paying out that much money

                    our child got an X-ray and a splint on finger and it was ridiculous what we still had to pay despite having insurance
                    it's a racket but we have no choice with the plan his work has


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