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Grateful to my family for all the support during IVF

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  • Grateful to my family for all the support during IVF

    My story is sad. But I believe it will have a happy ending. I am so grateful to my family! Especially I am grateful to my dear husband. He supported me during many IVF cycles. Any of them were successful. But he was always by my side. We have spend together 10 years. And for 5 years we have been trying to conceive a baby. But he still shows his love and care. He is the same as 10 years ago!

    My mom was also a great support. She was always nearby. Even though she is 80 now, and I am 45, she cares for me, like for the most precious thing. It is very important to have mother's support in life. I am so lucky person! Now I've decided to go for surrogacy. She doesn't know yet. I am sure she will approve any of my decisions. I am just not ready to tell her yet. However, the choice is made. We have already arranged it in a clinic. It will be a long and exciting surrogacy journey. Wish me luck!

    I want to wish luck to all the TTC ladies. Be strong. You know your goal. Go for it! Never give up. You deserve a better life. You deserve your dreams being fullfilled.
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  • Hi MarthaBell, welcome to the forums. I'm sure your struggle has been long and hard and wish you luck with your surrogacy. I am, however, a bit confused as to why you would create a poll on this post of yours. Perhaps if you removed the poll and opened up your topic to more discussion then you might get more responses. As a mother myself, I can only say that I want for my children that which makes them happy and which they feel is right for them.

    Again, goodluck, let us know how things are going.
    That which we forget may as well never really happened.


    • Why not. You must have to be thank full to them. After all what are families for. I must say you are so lucky. Not everyone has this type of family. Sometimes family tease too. This could be very much disturbing if that kind of situation is happened. Well why need to talk about that thing that is not necessary. Forget about it. Congratulations dear. Best of luck.


      • Congratulations, Loric2014. I am very happy for you!


        • Well, I must say that every IP no matter how strong they appear needs support. And that's just a simple fact.
          I would love to give you all of my support, and if you still receive updates via email, perhaps my comment won't be missed. As an intended mother, I know how hard it is to decide to turn to surrogacy. Additionally, there are a lot of hardships you encounter on your surrogacy journey. Those hardships you did not even know existed up until now. And I wish you all of the luck, be it you are still trying or already became a mother!


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