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Mother undergoing chemo

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    Mother undergoing chemo

    Hello all,
    My mother was diagnosed with stage 2 brain cancer in her mid 50s. She lost the coordination of her left side and had seizures often. Her oncologist removed the tumour and underwent radiation and chemotherapy. Things went back to normal for a couple of years until small seizures reappeared. After the MRI scan, the doctor diagnosed small tumours in her. When I shared all this with my friend who is a researcher she suggested me about a clinic in Alberta providing medical marijuana services . I wasn’t really sure about this as I didn’t hear much about it. I was getting excited to know more about this. I started my research and read that THC helps in killing the cancer cells which helped to block the development of tumours. Several studies have shown that some cannabinoids can relieve nausea, vomiting or both. These are side effects of some cancer treatments, including chemotherapy and radiation therapy. I would like to know more about this. Can someone share the pros and cons of getting medical marijuana? Is there anyone here who has experience with the same. I would love to know what your suggestions or advice are on this.
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    Hi BettyJohn123, I am sorry to hear what your Mom and family are going through.
    At this moment in time, try to get over to see your parents as much as you can. It is hard to know how she will feel after the chemo - you may find she continues on it for some time if her cancer is incurable but treatable. Go along with her so you can talk to the consultant or chemo team directly and find out more about their thought on her prognosis.

    It is a hard situation when the family is ill and you do not live nearby - just support her as much as you can in how she chooses to live this phase of her life and resist the temptation to tell her what she should be doing.

    Here I have found a very interesting article "5 Health Benefits of CBD Oil ". This article helps me a lot. So, I suggest you please read this article at

    All the very best to you - hope you mom treatment goes well and let us know how she is if you get a chance.
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      Marijuana is now legal in Canada. Medical uses have been available for some time. THC may help with some types of cancers, what it is mainly used for medically, is to lessen the effects of other treatments such as chemo or radiation. It is used extensively for pain control as well. I know of no studies that suggest that it will kill off tumors or cancer cells that have metastasized in organs. There are rapidly changing advances in cancer and quite frankly I've been out of nursing for some time so may not be fully up on things. Check into it, do what you can for your mother, above all respect her wishes.


        I second Claret's post.