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why does he have to be a jerk?

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  • why does he have to be a jerk?

    i started this new job this week and the first day i found out i had to work overtime all week. i just quit my last job cause i wasnt getting enough hours so i'm not use to working fultime and standing ALL DAY LONG.
    Well i cam home monday and he was great he made dinner he rubbed my back, yesterday i come home and there is laundry to be done and dishes in the sink and he thinks he did me a favore by taking the beer that HE left outside in the 30 below weather and left it in the sink. all of the bottles exploded leaveing a big mess so when i ask him to take care of it so I can do the dishes he said maybe tomarrow. well its still not cleaned up. I him told that i would be cranky because i am really sore tired and yet i have to come home and wait on him. he's tells me well i works overtime to today and yesterday. but his job is an offace job at least he gets to sit down. i get 2 15 min breaks all day thats it. so i told him but i Stand ALL DAY. and he acted as if i do nothing so its been a little hostle since. i just dont get it why i have to work harder than him longer than him and get paid less and still have to do all the house work. i have to ride his *** for him to get anything done.
    well i'm done ranting thanks for listening.

  • Leave it.

    You are tired.
    You are not accustomed to working so hard.
    Let the house go to crap.

    Sooner maybe later, maybe never, it will
    get done.

    One of the things that is non negotiable is health.
    You work yourself into exhaustion there is no quick

    Trust me, no matter how dirty something gets, you
    can eventually clean it...(imagine an old house with
    a toilet that is virtually black from rim to bend...)
    eventually that can be spotless....
    so leaving it for another day/week/month....
    but your health can't be quick fixed.

    Leave it.
    Come home, and lie down.
    I don't care if you have to climb over a mountain
    of laundry, fight through a barricade of dirty dishes
    and lie on a bed where the sheets haven't been
    changed for a month...
    lie down, relax....
    the world won't end if the bathroom isn't cleaned.


    • He certainly isn't being understanding or sympathetic to your needs at all. Sounds like he needs to grow up. You're not the only one that dirty's the dishes, messes up the restroom, and wears clothes. Hire a maid. If he doesn't like it, then maybe he will contribute to the chores.


      • today he was understanding again but i also guilted him with bad new about my mom which i will talk about in another post. but anyways thanks for all your imput. sure does help to vent.


        • When does it stop?

          Tell me something... I've been dating this guy now for nearly 5 years. We have a son together (almost 4) and we do not live together. I have 2 other children from my previous marriage and he has another son from his previous marriage. When I got pregnant with our son, I didn't quit smoking entirely. Yeah, I know it wasn't right, but I was so stressed out at the time - with him. So, for the past 3 1/2 years he's been using that as an excuse for why we "can't move forward". I have tried everything to quit smoking and it's so very hard. Just when I get on a roll with not doing it, something falls from the sky and knocks me down again and I haven't learned NOT to pick up that **** thing! Anyway - over the course of the this time with him, I've moved countless times - including back to my parents house. When I moved into my aprt nearly a year ago, I made it perfectly clear that when my lease is up, I'm going to be buying a house of my own unless something else came up. Well, the time has come and I'm set to close on my VERY FIRST HOME on 3/5! He's as far from supportive as he could possibly be. All we've done is fight about it. About me doing this in general, about the location of the house, about how it keeps us from being together and about how we'll continue paying 2 different housing expenses. Well! It's been that way for years and I've waited on him to make some room in his life for me and he hasn't because I didn't quit smoking! His house won't even accommodate us all! Does he have a valid right to hold this over my head? And/or am I so completely wrong for securing a safety net for myself and my children? I'm anxious to hear what other's have to say.


          • I smoke and I have three children.
            I never stopped smoking.

            In ancient days it wasn't such a big

            Yeah, my kids were small...but then...I'm
            small...so if they were bigger they'd have
            to be C sections...so I was lucky to smoke
            to have such small babies...
            4.14, 6, 5.5.

            I haven't seen any particular disaster with
            any of them. They are healthy, the little
            one, (who is getting married in Sept) only
            missed one day of school...(life time) for
            a cold, was a championship swimmer, and
            dropped off the team to become a fashion

            Hence smoking is no biggie.

            My first husband, The Titanic, tried to make
            smoking a big deal.
            I didn't stay with him very long.

            You buy that house in your name alone
            and you live there...
            and get a new boyfriend.


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