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  • Other Woman

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    from me."

    Then you've walked into something with your eyes
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  • You Didn't Know He Was Married?

    If you live in one place and he is a travelor,
    away for X months of a year on business,
    then your assumption he doesn't have another
    woman somewhere else is not as pathetic as
    if you both live in the same place.

    The fact he travels from New York to Los Angeles
    every other week and spends a week or two,
    might not be all that suspicious at the outset.
    But that he never suggests you come along,
    that should send up flares.

    There is no excuse why you can not travel
    with him.

    After all, he does sleep at some point, he
    does have a room at some hotel where he
    showers and changes his clothing, and just
    like any man who leaves the house to go to
    work at eight a.m. and returns at six p.m.
    so too would be his schedule when he's
    in another city.

    Hence, the same time you spend together
    when he's in New York going to the office
    is the same time you would have to spend
    together if you were staying at a hotel
    in L.A. while he did his business.

    So the woman in New York who is involved
    with such a man is a fool if she continues
    the relationship.

    She must know, in her mind, that the reason
    he doesn't take her with him on his travels
    is because he has someone else at the other
    end of the journey.

    So if you are in such a relationship, it is
    pretty likely if you aren't married to him,
    that you are the Other Woman.


    • You Really Really Didn't Know?

      Joan and Bill resided in Orlando. He claimed he lived
      with his sick mother.

      The relationship between Joan and Bill was that he'd
      come to her flat from five to seven each week day.

      Joan made him dinner, they ate, usually had sex, then
      he had to go to his sick mother.

      Weekends were rare. Occasional Saturdays,
      Some Sunday mornings.

      This relationship went on for some time.

      Then, one day, she saw Bill with a woman
      about his age with four children.

      Later, when she confronted him and he said something
      about the woman being his 'sister'.

      Joan wanted to believe him.

      Bill began to weave stories about how his sister
      had left an abusive husband with her children
      and had recently come to live with him and his

      Joan forced herself to believe him. But deep down
      she knew. She knew.
      She began to spy on Bill.

      One day, she followed Bill and his 'sister and her children'
      to the zoo where she heard the children call him 'Daddy.'

      The next time she saw him, she confronted him, with
      the 'Daddy' thing. He was very angry that she had
      spied on him, and went on and on, attacking her, ending
      up with an angry that 'the kids want to pretend, in public,
      that he was their father.'

      The story goes on, but the key feature is that Joan didn't
      want to know he was married.

      She took the 'live with mother' crap, and the
      'sister' crap because deep down she knew he
      was married, but believed if she didn't admit it,
      it would not be true.

      The story comes to the usual dramatic end, but
      the point of interest, is why she lied to herself.

      Why didn't she go to his house to see his 'mother?'
      At least phone?

      In the early stages of the affair, when the stories
      were new, she ought have tested them. But she

      She didn't, because deep down she knew that he
      was lying but deluded herself. If she didn't know
      for a fact he was married, then he wasn't married.

      So she allowed herself to be used.
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      • How Do You Know He's Married?

        Where is he on Xmas?
        Why can't he take you to popular places?
        Why don't you have his home number?
        Why haven't you been to his house?
        Why is he not available to you 24/7?

        So you say to him..."Where'd you get that

        And he says; "I don't know..."

        So you say; "I have tickets/reservations at
        Popular Place for (Time & Day you never see him)."

        He says; "I can't go..." then something about
        working late, playing cards, some story.

        You say; "Let's go away for the weekend."
        He can't.

        You say; "We're going to my mother's on Thanksgiving."
        He has other plans.

        HE IS MARRIED.

        If you don't know where he lives, find out...you have
        internet access. He is listed. Free People Search by ZabaSearch!
        will often turn up a phone number.

        Get a friend to call the number when he's with you.

        "Hi, can I speak to Mr. Man?"

        Let your friend find out who is answering his phone.

        If there is no answer or a machine, have her call
        when he is supposed to be home and ask to speak
        to the lady of the house.

        If the relationship is new, go to the house one
        evening saying you were in the neighborhood.

        If he won't let you in or acts annoyed, so ends
        the brand new relationship.

        Wise women, meeting a man they consider
        having sex with, will drop in unexpectedly at
        his home, just to insure there is no woman
        there. They will use the bathroom, and check
        for feminine items.

        Before you have the first kiss, make sure he
        isn't married. It is very easy to end a relationship
        that has not as yet begun.


        • Married...but!

          Linda meets Sol. He's sad, lonely, and married.
          But his marriage has been over for sometime.

          He hasn't divorced his wife because;

          a) children
          b) property
          c) her precarious mental condition
          d) other reason

          He is so loving and romantic, Linda is swept off
          her feet. No man has ever tried so hard to please

          The affair begins.

          "Give me time to get a divorce," he begs.

          Oh he loves her!

          He tells Linda how much he loves her, esp.when
          she goes down on him and swallows.

          He loves her! Linda is sure because he always
          remembers her birthday, their 'annivesary' ,

          Sometimes he complains about his wife and how
          he wished he didn't have to go home.

          Sometimes he talks about how much he loves
          his kids and doesn't want them to grow up
          without a father.

          Linda believes every word out of his mouth.

          Time passes.

          The divorce seems no closer, and when she
          says something about breaking up with him,
          he cries like a baby, or says he'd kill himself,
          some dramatics of mega proportions.

          Time passes.

          Divorce is no longer mentioned. It has become
          a taboo subject.

          "Stop nagging me!"
          "I'm doing my best!"

          Time continues to pass.


          • A few little tips.....

            Actors play roles.
            *****s play roles.
            Unfaithful husbands play roles.

            Most philanderers love what they are doing.
            They love having a wife and a girlfriend.
            They adore being such 'manly' men!

            They will do anything to seduce the Other Woman
            and keep her hanging on. The wife, well, he already
            has her. As long as he has her, he'll have the Other
            Woman. The day wife decides to leave, he will dump
            the other woman.

            Cheaters will do anything, just like any *****, to
            insure that the Other Woman stays in her place.

            And his main weapons are lies/tricks/promises.


            • How did it begin?

              Where did you meet him?
              When did he make you know he was married?
              When did he make that first date with you?
              When were you swept off your feet?

              Many men who wish to have affairs put themselves
              into the 'pre-adultery' mode.

              For example; Take the average married man who is
              not looking for an affair.

              He leaves home for work at 8 am, he arrives at work,
              he works, maybe he eats at his desk. He leaves work
              at 5 pm, arrives home and is in for the duration.

              Not many places to meet women save at work.
              And usually the relationships are friendly business kinds.

              Now let's take the guy in pre-adultery.

              He leaves home for work, but makes a stop or two at
              popular places, looking around to see the 'selections'.

              He spends his 'working' day more on the prowl then
              on his paid labour and always goes out for lunch at
              popular places.

              He calls his wife to say he's working late, but leaves
              early and hits a few places just to survey the terrain
              of clubs.

              He comes home a little late, changes and has to go
              out again. He goes to these clubs, looking.

              He is looking for an affair.
              The female is not important.
              As long as she's breathing she qualifies.

              He knows what he wants.
              He can play the role of sensitive, after all he's
              married, he's been trained. He has it all down.
              The expressions, the tone of voice, the words.

              Any woman he attracts is fine. It is 'first water

              As she might have second thoughts, he doesn't
              allow her to think. He wants her to feel dazzled
              and overwhelmed. If he doesn't get her to bed
              now, he'll make an 'ify' kind of date.

              He will do anything to get her into bed. Say anything,
              buy anything, do anything, promise anything. He
              doesn't care if it's a one night stand, he's going to
              screw her.

              He is going to screw this stranger because he wants to
              be unfaithful to his wife to 'fix' her.

              If you are intelligent, you think...

              what would a married man be doing at a Singles
              A bar?
              A Mixer?
              How did he come to be here when he should be home?

              If he wanted to drink, he could go to one of
              those dark men's places, where guys sit around
              their liquour in their own little worlds.

              So it wasn't the drink.

              If he was unhappy about his marriage, why is
              he dancing a storm in a wild place?

              Match where he is to what he is, and ask yourself,
              what is he doing there?
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              • Playing You

                You meet him at a place as I mentioned above.
                He tells you about his miserable marriage.
                Maybe does a bit of wife bashing.

                You should be out the door before he completes
                the second sentence. Why? Because he's in
                the club looking for an Other Woman.

                You accidentally keep bumping into him at the
                Park or a lunch counter or the supermarket.
                Gets kind of strange.

                You actually hope to see him when you go out.
                This is a bad sign.

                He's playing you and you don't know it.

                Unless you realise it, he will screw you.
                And then you will be screwed.

                Everyone hates the Other Woman.
                They hate her for trying to take another Woman's
                man. They hate her for being cheap. Everyone
                wants to see her get dropped.

                Everyone knows.
                His friends know who you are.
                And they know exactly what he does with you.

                A man can't brag about what he did with his wife.
                I mean, that is His Wife. But he can give blow by
                blow with his gal.

                And you think he loves you.


                • Excuses

                  Let's look at all the reasons he gives why....

                  Firstly, Divorce is no biggie. This isn't 100 years ago.
                  Getting a divorce is no problem.
                  Why hasn't he gotten one?

                  Secondly, Children. If he cared so much about his
                  kids, why is he with you? Why isn't he home with

                  Thirdly, Poor Wife. In most cases the poor wife is
                  so much better off than he is it's hysterically funny.
                  If you don't believe this, meet her.

                  A high powered attorney's husband was having an
                  affair with a gal who worked in a fast food joint.
                  He had told the gal that his wife had a nervous
                  breakdown...yada yada boom.

                  The gal came to me for some advice, and when
                  she told me the name of her darling's wife I nearly
                  fell off my chair.

                  The silly gal believed everything she heard about
                  a woman who was being groomed to run for political
                  office, whose husband felt neglected so had turned
                  to this gal.

                  I told the gal to go to and see this other attorney.
                  She returned in tears.

                  Not only was the wife gorgeous, brilliant, but had
                  been so nice to her, (Wife no idea of the true
                  reason why Gal came to her chambers, and gal
                  didn't tell her).
                  So before you believe anything that your darling
                  tells you about his wife, you go and check for yourself.


                  • Lies

                    If his wife finds out about the affair and divorces him,
                    the Other Woman should consider that a slap in the face.
                    Why is it he who 'loves you so much' can not divorce her,
                    but she who 'needs him so much', (according to him) can
                    easily find a divorce lawyer?

                    In cases where his wife divorces him, be prepared for him
                    to NOT marry you, or Marry and Cheat on you.

                    Hence, a divorce from the wife's side is signal as how
                    little you meant to him.

                    In many cases the cheater wants a woman to cheat with.
                    To be an adulterer he needs a wife and a mistress.
                    That means he doesn't want his wife to leave him.

                    Often, when the relationship between the Husband and
                    the Other Woman has run its course, where he is tired
                    of her or has found a new Mistress, he breaks off the
                    relation with a lie about his wife demanding he do so.

                    He has told the other woman;

                    "Our (my wife and my) relationship has been over for
                    a long time."

                    "I stopped loving her long ago."

                    "I only stay with her because of...."

                    Yet, he can dump the O.W. like trash because that same
                    woman asks him to.


                    Let's start again.

                    He said he loves you, not her.
                    He said he wants to leave her.
                    He said the marriage was over.

                    Then tells you (or sends a message)
                    that it is over because ....?

                    He has decided to give his marriage another try?

                    Is that the same marriage he told you was over
                    a long time?

                    Is it the same marriage to the woman he stopped
                    loving long ago?

                    Is it the same marriage he wants to save that he
                    was telling you he would dissolve?

                    Must be a different marriage and wife.


                    Everything he said to the Other Woman about his
                    wife and marriage, was a lie.

                    His was not over...his adultery might have been a
                    way to catch his wife's attention, pay her back for
                    her own adultery or for becoming too important.

                    He does not want to lose his wife, he prefers to
                    lose his girlfriend...(the same girlfriend he said he
                    couldn't live without).

                    Men lie.
                    They start lying the day they decide to be
                    unfaithful and keep lying until the wife puts
                    her foot down.

                    Many other women begin to realise that she
                    means nothing to him, she was just a red flag
                    he was waving in front of his wife...

                    I want Attention! he is saying.

                    And uses the other woman to get it from his wife.

                    And the O.W. thought it was a matter of time
                    for him to leave his wife?
                    Poor thing.


                    • Protecting Yourself

                      When you meet a man, before you become involved
                      check out what he has told you yourself.

                      Find out where he lives, and with whom.
                      Just happen to drop by on a Sunday Afternoon
                      and you'll see his actually living conditions.

                      Do not get involved with a man whose house you
                      haven't been to uninvited.

                      This means, any reason he gives you why you
                      can't have his home number, his address, anything
                      that can pin him down, throw in the garbage.

                      Walk away.

                      Many women get involved with married men
                      because they are sold a bill of goods.

                      This bill of goods consists of pure lies about how
                      he feels. How he 'loves' you or doesn't love his
                      wife or how the marriage is over....CRAP.

                      Stay away from married men.
                      If you think a man is married, stay away.

                      Never be the Other Woman.
                      Other Women come second.

                      They come after the wife and the family.
                      They are outside frills. Like a cherry on
                      a desert.

                      You meet a man, he's married, tell him to
                      call you when his divorce is final.

                      Any excuse why he can't divorce his wife is CRAP.

                      Firstly, he doesn't give rat puke about his children.
                      How do I know?

                      Why is he wasting precious moments when he could
                      be with his beloved children banging his Mistress?

                      Think about it.

                      If he was concerned about his children he would
                      be with them. Not having sex with with you.

                      He couldn't care less about his kids.

                      Daddys come home from work as early as possible
                      to be with their kids. Daddys don't spend the evening
                      banging their gals so as to arrive home long after the
                      beloved children have gone to bed.

                      Any man that tries the 'I love my kids' story, start

                      Then there are those who can't leave their wives

                      If his wife found out about you, she would leave him.
                      So that whole argument is CRAP.

                      I can fill this screen with a number of men who
                      'couldn't leave their wives' blah blah and the
                      wife finds out about the Other Woman, and files a
                      divorce so fast his head spins.

                      He doesn't want the divorce, trust me here. He
                      does not want his wife to divorce him because then
                      he'd be free to marry the Other Woman.

                      The last person in the world he would marry is the
                      Other Woman. And if she somehow forces him into
                      marriage, he'll be unfaithful on the honeymoon.

                      Most recently, a fifteen year marriage ended when
                      the wife had enough. She wasn't even thinking about
                      all the gals he'd screwed during the marriage, she was
                      just sick of his abuse.

                      So she, the woman he couldn't leave, threw him out.

                      Did he go to one of his many girlfriends?
                      Of course Not!
                      He went to his Mother.
                      And he dumped every single girlfriend.

                      He had told Miss Monday he loved her,
                      told Miss Tuesday he would divorce his wife
                      and marry her, told Miss Wednesday no woman
                      ever made him feel as good as she did...
                      ....on to Miss Sunday....whom he couldn't live

                      So why, when his wife divorced him did he dump
                      his 'Week?'

                      He didn't want any of them. They were just ego
                      builders. That his wife had thrown him out...(and
                      gotten everything) completely destroyed his ego.

                      He certainly couldn't prop out his smashed ego with
                      gals who'd have sex with a married man, and were
                      so stupid as to go year to year on his lies.

                      "I want a woman I can respect," he said with

                      So while the Other Woman waits for her beloved
                      to divorce his wife, because of (fill in the blanks)
                      she should be preparing to be dumped when this
                      year's new models come off the assembly line.
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                      • Being Dumped

                        Although it is a real ego deflator, most Other Women
                        are Monica's...an easy screw/blow job.

                        Husband has a life...it consists of Wife/Family/Business
                        and the Other Woman is a 'hobby'.

                        The Other Woman has no life.
                        She is the plaything of Husband.

                        He comes and goes as he pleases with whatever
                        excuse he can use.
                        Other Woman can't make too many demands on him.

                        He enjoys his 'double life'.

                        The reason men cheat is often that his wife has
                        made him feel inferior.

                        Maybe his wife makes more money, is more important
                        is more popular, and the usual, she won't swallow
                        his cum.

                        Maybe his wife has become 'too old' for him. He loves
                        her, but she no longer has a sexy body or a sparkling
                        young face, and he lusts after a young body.

                        Whatever his reason for betraying his wife, it is most
                        often NOT that he fell in love with the O.W.

                        Many men pick women then could never love to be
                        their Mistress. You'll find the upper class gentlemen
                        swimming in the steno pool.

                        A man will opt down for his Mistress, looking only
                        for an easy lay. She's no one he would ever want
                        to be caught dead with in front of his friends as a
                        actual mate, but she's just fine in that little skirt
                        and see thru blouse, to show off to his pals.

                        She is there to satisfy his lusts. That is why she
                        is there. Not for love and long term, not for her
                        sparkling personality, but for what she does for
                        him in a bedroom.

                        As time passes and she starts to grow on him,
                        and grow older, he goes back to the steno pool
                        to look at this year's models.

                        He decides he wants a new experience.

                        Dumping the Mistress is the first order of business.

                        There are men who will tell the Mistress it is over,
                        they found someone else. These are rare.

                        There are men who will let the Mistress down easy.
                        Slowly removing himself from her ambit until the
                        last supper.

                        Then there are those who just walk away. They
                        never had a committment, and would be most
                        grateful if the mistress would evaporate.

                        If the Mistress tries to contact him, he puts up
                        buffers in the way. He doesn't want to see her.
                        He doesn't feel he owes her anything.

                        "I was always married, she knew it. She knew it
                        was a temporary fling."

                        Of course he never told her that.
                        Husband often tells Mistress how much he loves
                        her until she believes it. Of course, he never
                        loved her. He loved how he felt screwing her.
                        He loved how he felt when she pampered him.

                        Mr.C loved Hottie to give him foot baths and
                        pedicures. If he'd suggested that to Mrs. C,
                        he'd be picking up his teeth.

                        N. liked his Mistresses to get on their knees
                        and suck him off and swallow his cum.
                        Mrs. N wasn't about to do that in life or death.
                        John liked to take his mistress to hot clubs
                        and clamp a hand over her breast and walk
                        around like that.
                        He couldn't think of doing that with Mrs.John.

                        But, he's tired now.
                        Mistress bores him.
                        He wants someone younger.

                        So he 'fires' Mistress as if she was a part time
                        office sweeper, and goes his way.

                        And never for one second does he consider that
                        he might of hurt her.

                        If told, he smiles, his ego bursting.
                        He still has it!


                        • Survival

                          So Nate doesn't come around. Cathy is getting worried.
                          She expected him at six, it is seven. She can't call the
                          office, his cell phone is off. And she's thinking he is
                          lying dead in a gully.

                          She gets his home phone number, and the phone is
                          answered by a young voice.

                          "Is Nate Lastname there?"

                          "Who is this?" Snaps the voice.

                          "A friend..." Cathy says softly.

                          "Listen, is this Cathy?"

                          "What? Um..."

                          "Leave my father alone. He doesn't want to see
                          you any more!"

                          Cathy is standing in her living room holding a dead

                          Firstly, no one 'knew' about them.
                          So how did the voice...(assumption his child)
                          know who she was?
                          And that she would call?

                          Ten minutes later, Cathy puts down the phone,
                          in a complete case of shock.

                          She can't call any of her friends.

                          "I told you not to get involved with a married man!"

                          Would be their answer.

                          Cathy thinks of;
                          driving to his house to see if he is alright
                          having a friend call
                          calling back
                          but does nothing.
                          All night she tosses and turns.

                          In the morning she calls his office. The Secretary
                          says he's busy. She calls back. Same thing. She
                          calls again, asks if the Secretary gave him the
                          message that she called.

                          "He told me to tell you to stop harassing him."

                          Cathy goes nuts.
                          She cries, she screams, she is going through insanity.

                          She drives to the workplace and waits two hours for
                          him to come out. As he goes to his car, she pounces.


                          "Hi Cathy. I meant to call you...."

                          "What's going on?"

                          "Look it's over. My wife and I have reconciled. I'd
                          appreciate it if you left me alone."

                          "Left you alone! What? You love me!"

                          "No I don't, and never did." He says going to open his
                          car door. She throws herself against it.

                          "Either you move away or I'll call security."

                          She looks into his face.
                          She doesn't recognise him.

                          Two days ago, she sucked him off, swallowed his
                          cum, and he said, "I love you."

                          Two days ago, they were happy, planning where
                          they would honeymoon when he was free.

                          How could this man tell her he'd call security.

                          "Talk to me, Nate, what did I do?"

                          "You didn't do anything. It's over. It ran its
                          course, it was fun while it lasted, and it's over."

                          He gets into his car, drives out. She follows.
                          After a few miles, he makes an odd turn and stops
                          in front of a police station.

                          Her cell rings.

                          "If you don't stop following me, I'm going in and
                          report that you're stalking me."

                          "How can you talk to me like this?"

                          "Cathy, let go. It's over. Try to find some dignity."

                          He hangs up. She sits. He drives away.

                          Somehow Cathy gets home, but she's crying so
                          hard, she's blind. Her life is over.
                          Her Man is gone.

                          Two years later, reflecting on the three horrible
                          months of torture ensuing after the breakup
                          Cathy has made the synthesis.

                          "I was just a good time. When I started to take
                          his love talk seriously, when I started to believe
                          he'd leave his wife for me, and we'd be married,
                          I think that was the end. He didn't want me, he
                          wanted a fantasy. As soon as I made it real..."

                          Nate has been unfaithful to his wife at fairly regular
                          intervals. His wife 'rides it out', because during his
                          affairs he is extremely good to her.

                          Everything Carole owns she got during an affair...
                          'Guilt Offerings' she calls them.

                          The summer house, in her name, was Joyce.
                          The Benz was Nancy.
                          The fur coat was Annabelle.
                          Cathy is going to be that trip to Aspen.

                          Nate treats Carole like a goddess. People are to
                          call her Mrs.Lastname. He will fire a maid who
                          uses her name. He introduces her to people as
                          if she is a Queen. Anyone whom he believes slights
                          his wife, he cuts dead.

                          Cathy was one in a long line of gals.

                          In old days, Plantation Masters would rape
                          slave women. Even older days, English aristocracy
                          had the right of the first night.

                          In all ancient societies there was a class of hetari.
                          A kind of *****/mistress. In modern societies there
                          is the other woman.

                          It took Cathy three months of hysteria, of pain and
                          humiliation to come to the understanding of who she
                          was in Nate's life.

                          She lived through it.

                          Unlike a wife who has the right to hysteria if her
                          husband betrays her, the Mistress has no rights.
                          Unlike a wife who can get the commiseration of her
                          family and friends, all the Mistress gets is "I told you

                          Mistresses suffer all the pain of being dumped without
                          any 'legal' recourse.

                          Cathy's first problem was thinking that Nate was being
                          prevented from seeing her.

                          Nate had decided not to see her. He had no doubt
                          told his child that this stupid woman was harrassing
                          him and that if she calls, the script was written.
                          Nate had given his Secretary the same story.

                          So not only has Cathy been dumped, but she's a stalker.

                          Cathy's second problem was to differentiate bed talk
                          from truth.
                          To admit that all the 'I love yous' were lies.
                          It was very hard for her to accept this, but she went
                          back to each time he had said it as a kind of 'payment'
                          for her favours.

                          It took Cathy a long time to finally realise that Nate
                          was acting out fantasies on her body. That far from
                          loving her he was humiliating her.

                          Cathy became very angry and had many thoughts
                          of criminal intent. Fortunately, she got involved with
                          a Woman's Group, and worked her way through it
                          with others who had almost identical experiences.

                          Hearing another woman describe something she had
                          thought was limited to her and Nate opened Cathy's

                          But it took three months for her to stop crying herself
                          to sleep.


                          • The Really Hard Part

                            Affairs have very similiar patterns.

                            It begins when the Husband puts himself into pre-adultery
                            mode. This is when he goes out looking for something to
                            just 'happen'.

                            He looks for something to 'happen' in places removed from
                            his usual haunts because he is at the 'hiding' stage.

                            So he'll go to a far crummier place than he'd usually enter
                            because he is looking for the type of girl he can get into
                            bed now.

                            He might meet a few of them, and might err in his selection
                            in that One won't have sex with him on the first 'date', but
                            most often by the second 'date' he's in bed.

                            Having intended to commit adultery the female is simply

                            That's the first thing an Other Woman has to confront.
                            It is not her. It was any breathing female.
                            He will never admit this, save to his lawyer or psychiatrist,
                            but he simply wanted a screw that he didn't have to pay
                            The fact he can get more screws he doesn't have to pay
                            for elevates the one night stand into the mistress.

                            Where one meets the Husband and under what circumstances
                            sets the tone.

                            Why was he in Fatty's Bar? Or Donald's Dive?
                            What was he doing at that Party, alone?

                            The second thing that one has to realise is as soon as the
                            word Love is used, it should be followed by a Divorce of
                            his wife.

                            If he does not attend a lawyer's office within two weeks
                            of his use of the word 'Love', he DOES NOT mean it.
                            He is using the word in its most benign form.

                            Hence, he doesn't love you.
                            If he did, he would divorce his wife and marry you.
                            Even if you were unable to marry him now, he would
                            divorce her anyway, if he loved you, because he would
                            not want to be with her.

                            The third thing an O.W. must never lose sight of is that
                            he has absolutely no commitment to her or any child.
                            He can walk away.
                            She will have to pursue with litigation.

                            If he does not take out an insurance policy or create
                            a trust fund, or do anything to protect the child he
                            claims to love just in case he dies tonight, he has no
                            commitment to that child.

                            Words are cheap.

                            Don't listen to what he says, watch what he does.

                            The same man who babbles about love in bed is the same
                            one who will demand you take a DNA test to 'prove' it is

                            Never cry over a departing Husband.
                            When, (not if) he dumps you, don't make more of a
                            fool of yourself than you already have.


                            • Hated

                              Besides his family hating and scorning the Other Woman,
                              (and everyone who knows about it adding their two cents),
                              sits the hysterically funny or (hysterically pathetic) 'version'
                              the Other Woman has of the Relationship.

                              The most glaring error O.W. make is that they don't realise
                              they are unaware of the whole story. They only know what
                              lies the husband told them.

                              Now a man who would be unfaithful to his wife is dishonest.
                              He is a cheater. So how can anyone believe a word out
                              of his mouth?

                              Other women do.
                              They are the only people stupid enough to believe him.

                              He can paint his wife as a succubus and his children
                              as wolverines, and the O.W. doesn't know that these
                              are lies.

                              He can say how they have him 'trapped', and the
                              pitiful O.W. doesn't see him taking them on vacation,
                              and enjoying every minute.

                              Friends of the wife who hear the O.W.'s side often
                              laugh out loud, because it's made of lies.

                              But the O.W. clings to her fantasy, because it is
                              all she has. She wants so badly to believe everything
                              he told her, that despite all evidence to the contrary,
                              she vehemently defends her position.

                              Most people know that there are two sides, sometimes
                              three to every story. Not the Other Woman. Everything
                              Hubby told her is solid truth.

                              She doesn't know how he ridicules her with his pals.
                              Describing everything that happens in the bedroom.

                              She doesn't know that while he's having his fantasy
                              with her, he's living in Reality with his wife.

                              Many Husbands, even when divorced, maintain the
                              fiction of being married to insure that the O.W. never
                              gets her hooks into him.

                              WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF GEORGE

                              Faye entered the ladies room at University to see
                              George's wife Tina...and nearly fainted.

                              George had told Faye that his wife Tina was
                              traveling abroad, not at this very University getting
                              her Masters.

                              George also did not tell Faye that his wife Tina
                              had divorced him two years ago because he couldn't
                              keep his pants on.

                              Faye tried to cover her shock, and Tina, more
                              aware of George's sex life than Faye would ever
                              know, did not mention the divorce.

                              Tina knew from the look on Faye's face, that she
                              was one of many of the George Girls.

                              A few months later, George, as was his habit,
                              dumped Faye for Connie.

                              To fixn him Faye confronted George's wife Tina
                              to reveal the sordid affair and tell her about Connie.

                              Tina listened, then replied;

                              "I divorced him two years before you nearly had your
                              heart attack seeing me in the loo. He wasn't married
                              when he was having his affair with you, and he's
                              not married now. But I'll bet that he's told Connie I'm
                              still his wife."

                              Poor Faye.

                              When she went to tell Connie, George intervened,
                              and the story got twisted as Faye and Connie
                              fighting over him.

                              As George didn't know whether Connie would believe
                              Faye or not, he dumped her too.

                              Connie blames Faye for ruining her relationship with
                              George. And they've been at war ever since.

                              Meanwhile George moved on to Carole.

                              Carole was hot and heavy with George, then ran
                              into George's wife Tina.

                              (George continually describes Tina as his wife.
                              Divorced over three years at Carole Season,
                              George is still claiming he is married to Tina.)

                              Carole makes a complete fool of herself.

                              Tina, very annoyed and being accosted by
                              tramps she didn't even want to look ate her,
                              much less talk to her, angrily contacts George,
                              demanding he keeps his pigs in their sty.

                              George took Tina's call as the wonderful
                              opportunity to dump Carole.

                              "I've reconciled with Tina." He lied smoothly.

                              Carole is hysterical, her life is over, and she tries
                              everything to get George back.

                              George quickly hooks up with Big Sally, who beats
                              the crap out of Carole.

                              In Court, for the first time, Carole learns that
                              George was divorced from Tina close on four years
                              ago. She also learns that she, Carole, had attacked
                              Big Sally with a knife and Big Sally defended herself.

                              With George lying for Big Sally, Carole has a few missing
                              teeth for her trouble.

                              But she still believes George loved her.
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