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my husband cheat on me

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  • my husband cheat on me

    I find out that my husband cheat on me back in 2010 while he was deployed to Kuwait with his coworker .I also find out that he was talking inappropriateto many other females. When I ask him he admit everything. He tell me that he sorry like it's gonna take away my pain.I am so lost, upset, confused, angry, hurt. I feel so stupid for not see this was coming, there was so many red flag I ignore them, I should trust my instinct. On top of everything going on, I wake up one day to find out he cut me off all finance and close the bank account without telling me. Reason why because he asks me for access on my phone bill I said no.he done cheating on me and still trying to control my life. We have 3 kids and been married for 13 years. Someday I wake up I want to take my kids walk away and never look back. I am so confused I don’t know what to do.

  • Hi Chantel welcome to the Forum.

    I think the fact that he didn't care that you knew, and closed the bank accounts, means that he feels you will leave and I don't actually know if he cares, he's obviously a player and doesn't understand what constitutes marriage.

    You know you deserve better. I know you feel like you wasted years, sometimes especially when someone is away so long, they forget the importance of keeping things together, strong and happy.

    It takes two to pull that off and a really strong bond.

    What do you feel you are going to do?

    Do you have family and friends you can talk to about this?

    Off course, we are here to listen and offer our opinions as you keep adding to your thread.


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