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scared of master bedroom or am i crazy

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  • scared of master bedroom or am i crazy

    My husband is like literally afraid of the master bedroom or something or am I just going crazy because I swear he never goes in there. Practically the only time he is in there is when we're having sex and that is not very often because we don't have much of a sex life. Other than that he doesn't go in there to sleep or to get his clothes or anything. He doesn't sleep with me in the bed at night because he doesn't want me trying to mess with his penis. When he is getting his clothes he always loves getting them from the laundry room for some reason. If he needs underwear or some other type of clothing from the master bedroom he always, always asks me to get them for him. When I refuse he'll just continue to bug me to get them for him. If still say no and tell him to go commando or whatever he will continue to ask until he wears me down. I am softie so it doesn't take much. Do you guys agree that it seems as if he literally afraid of going in the master bedroom or am I just crazy?

  • Is this something new or has he NEVER slept in the bedroom with you. Because to me that is just weird that your husband doesn't sleep in the same bed as you do.


    • Also no you are not crazy.


      • You are not crazy. This sounds like a pretty sever phobia rooted in some past experience.

        Does he consider his lack of interest in sex and the bedroom to be a problem? If so, some counseling could help.

        If he doesn't consider it a problem and you do, you may have to find some leverage to get him to get help.


        • We used to sleep together all the time. I don't remember when it stopped, but its been a while since we last slept together. He thinks things are perfectly fine with our marriage even though they are not so I can't get help. I would rate our marriage at about 5 on scale from 1-10. We don't have much of a marriage. I don't why I haven't left.


          • You might have to threaten to leave in order to get him into treatment.

            Have you seen his penis since his bedroom phobia began? Is it possible that he is hiding something? Damage or markings perhaps that you didn't make?

            Or might it be possible that he did something, or someone, in the bedroom that generates severe guilt?

            Think very hard about when this started and what was going on in your lives at the time. Did you go away for a few days? Where you guys going through a tough time? Was he acting strangely?


            • U arent crazy.. Ur hunny seems to have issues in my opinion. Can u discuss this with him? Hi and plezd to Meet u..


              • I see his penis about once every month when we have sex. I do threaten to leave sometimes. It doesn't help. He doesn't want help unless he thinks things are wrong. He thinks everything is fine so it blows that out of the water. I think things we're fine with us when we stopped sleeping together at night. He just doesn't have much of a sex drive and doesn't want me trying to mess with his penis.


                • Not wanting anyone to mess with your penis is NOT the same thing as being afraid to go in the master bedroom to get a clean pair of underwear--unless you always follow him in there.

                  There is more to this.

                  And "threatening" to leave is not the same thing as packing your stuff, moving out and visiting the lawyer.

                  You may not want to go that far, but if you want this to change, you may have to convince him that something IS wrong.


                  • Something is MAJOR wrong if your husband doesn't sleep in the same bed as you and he doesn't want you to touch his penis.


                    • When he wants his clean underwear from the bedroom I am usually still sleeping. He will knock on the door to wake me and ask to get me him a pair.


                      • I really feel for you, I hate sleeping alone

                        But what do you mean by "mess with his penis"? You mean he's afraid you'll initiate sex or simply touch it accidentally in your sleep? x


                        • U may want to leave. He doesnt seem to be attrackd to u :-(.. R u the only one in his life? does he have a mistress/.. :-(?? I hate to ask.


                          • Why do u think he is scared of ur master bedroom?


                            • When I said mess with his penis I meant to touch it to try to initiate sex or try other things. Yes, I am the only one in his life.


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