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photographer or was it for pleasure?

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  • photographer or was it for pleasure?

    Well, it all started about a year and a half ago. My soon to be husband is a photographer. He told me his ex, that he'sffriends with wanted so photos taken of her and her son along with some more provocative photos taken for her boyfriend. I knew her and I had no problems with the pictures of her and her son but the nudy ones I did. I told him I didn't want him to do it and he said he wasn't going to. a few month later I found nudy pictures of her on his computer. I confronted him about it and he said he didn't think I would ever find out about it and that it would have hurt me if I knew. anyway we worked that out and talked about it and that was the end of that. Well fast forward to this week. I found a message on his Facebook from an old friend\ crush of his and it basically said that they need to go do it soon because his ddad needs the camera soon and there is only sustain days of the week he can do it like next Saturday (since I am working ) I'm assuming. this girl though I do not like at all. She's caused problems with my past relationship with my daughter's dad. She's also known as a town ******************** around here. I'm not worried about him cheating at all just really upset he's hiding it. I know when I talk to him about it he will say " I know you don't like her and I didn't want to make you mad" only thing is is that he doesn't know I know his Facebook password. how do I get around that one? its just frustrating! I have to make a decision soon too. we have 28 days till we get married! what do I do? please help!

    Also please excuse typos and such. I typed this on my phone
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  • Sneaking around, distrust, and invasion of privacy is a poor foundation for a relationship. I don't know what you two should do, but if you even manage to make it down the aisle, you probably won't keep it going unless you stop lying and sneaking and start trusting.
    "Those sowing seed with tears
    Will reap with a joyful shout." - Psalm 126


    • Did you know from the inset that his passion is photography but more so, that he likes to take nude photos of other women and entices it, brings them out IMO, to do so and then on top of that, keeps the photos to look at?

      This is what I see.

      Off course it bothers you, what a silly thing for him to say as if they are all asking him, "please take nude photos of me" do you know of any woman that would ask that? Or at least two, as it seems?

      This will go on and on and on, postpone your wedding until you have thought clearly about where you are heading. Most of the time the warning signs are there and are ignored, through this thing called lonliness and lust that then gets confused with love.

      I agree with stillness as well, lying......................does not constitute a relationship.............snooping, does not constitute a relationship.


      • Well it all turns out it was engagement photos. He told me all about it!


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