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husband does not love me

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  • husband does not love me

    Sorry to be posting this again, but I am just venting, just looking for friends to turn to in my time of grief. Anyways, my husband does not love me. He and I were just talking about our baby plans and I was telling him that I was thinking a little bit that maybe we shouldn't have kids because of my seizure disorder. He responded by saying that if I don't want to have kids then he will leave me and go find someone else to have babies with because he definitely wants some. Well, technically we don't have any baby plans because hubby is not putting forth any effort to get me pregnant because he hardly has sex with me and he does not want to checked out to see if there might be a problem with his sperm. I think its lie when he says he wants kids because like I said he isn't putting any effort to make it happen. He is convinced that his sperm is perfectly healthy and that there is absolutely no possible way he could be the cause of it not happening. That its completely out of the question. We've been "trying" forever. He thinks that I am problem. He blames it all on me.

  • Decisions over children, and possibly infertility issues are a HUGE source of stress and can damage even otherwise very strong relationships.

    First - you need to be absolutely sure you are both in agreement on whether you want to have kids. This is the most important decision of your life, and it cannot be undone - your children are yours forever. It is much better to leave a relationship, than to be in one where there is disagreement over this. Either decision is fine, people have an absolute right to decide this for themselves, but you really need to be on the same page.

    IF you both decide to have kids, then spend some time "trying". Don't stress over it, just enjoy having sex frequently.

    If that doesn't work, you can both go for infertility tests. Neither of you can know why you aren't getting pregnant without lab tests. Be cautioned though that the infertility business is a bit suspect - doctors are not all that good at fixing this, and you can wind up spending a huge amount of money.

    BTW: I'm speaking from some pretty bad personal experience on all this.


    • It is a very bad news for u.Because husband does not love his wife.It is a bad luck for his wife.But if u love your husband u will must understood your husband that u love him.Then i think he will also love u.


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