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Hubby likes to be alone

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  • Hubby likes to be alone

    When my hubby is just hanging around the house during his free time he will usually read or play with his laptop. When he is doing those things he likes to be left alone, likes to have his own space and will push me away quite a bit. Sometimes when he pushes me away I'll be like, "I'm not stopping you from playing with your laptop." If I am in the same room with him he will not read or play with the laptop until I leave. He will just sit there and not do a thing until I leave. It's crazy and I don't get it.

  • Assuming he's not doing something he shouldn't be on the computer, answer is that men tend to be single track thinkers. That is they can handle one task at a time. And when they are on that task, they don't like to be interrupted. If you have a tendency to try to engage in conversations or ask questions or ask for favors while he is reading or web-surfing, he probably gets somewhat irritated with the interruptions. While you are in the room, he cannot relax and get "into" what he is doing, so he will just wait for you to leave the room rather then deal with the frustration of getting pulled away by your attempts to engage.

    If this is the case, restrain yourself from engaging him when he looks like he wants to read or do something else.

    Good luck


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