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If you need a giggle!

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  • If you need a giggle!

    Well, I thought Id share this with my lovely online family at WH incase you needed a giggle - so here goes.

    Fiance proposed back in April with the most stunning Saudi Arabian diamond and white sapphire engagement ring, its really unique looking and I really loved it - now July, we have wedding plans in motion and are really happy BUT then Friday evening happened .... Fiance, Mr X complained of a sore back - so feeling a little out of character I said 'hey I'll give you a nice massage', whaps out the body oil and gives Mr X a massage. Then after (pardon me) whilst sitting on the loo with oily hands from the massage, instead of doing the normal thing and standing up and washing my hands - I just use some loo roll and wipe the left overs and flush it down the loo....
    An hour later... WHERE'S MY ENGAGEMENT RING? Yup, ladies .. I flushed my ring down the toilet. Can you believe it?

    Thankfully, Mr X found the entire thing hilarious (I think he was more delirious actually now I think of it) and didnt mind one bit - naturally I was distraught but we thankfully have full insurance so we shall get a replacement in time.

    So ladies, basically .. never volunteer to give a man a massage! Hahahaha.

  • Ouch. I'm sure you were devastated. Glad you all could laugh about it, and glad you're insured!!!
    "Be what you're looking for."


    • Noooo get a plumber ... too late

      Lesson learnt always, always, take ring off before any playing


      • I'm glad you are insured and can laugh about it. And it sounds like you have a Wonderful man in Mr. X,

        Your story reminds me of something my Mom did. She woke up to go pee in the middle of the night, went into the bathroom and stepped on something pink/tan and small. Half asleep, she picked it up threw it in the toilet, used the toilet, flushed, went back to bed.

        In the morning when she got up she couldn't find her hearing aid. Then she remembered the lil pink/ tan thing she tossed in the night . Evidently Kitsy, her cat had decided to play with the hearing aid, knocked it off the night stand and batted it around into the bathroom.

        You should have seen the Insurance agent when we reported what happened. " You flushed an $1800 hearing aid "? It was so ridiculous a story that they accepted her claim without argument and she got a new hearing aid. lol


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