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ideas for quick easy finger foods for 25 mnth old picky eatter!!

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  • ideas for quick easy finger foods for 25 mnth old picky eatter!!

    I have a 15 month old boy who loves to feed himself but is a picky eatter, io cant seem to get him to eat anything other then zoodles and chicken nuggets, and the only fruit he will eat is bananas, any other ideas on what i can give him thats quick and easy that he would enjoy and that are health for him!

  • Even if he refuses, keep offering different foods. At 12months my daughter wouldn't eat mash, eggs, banana's plus many other foods, now she eats it all and is always looking for more :P

    Have you tried....Grapes, Apple, Fromage Frais, Mild Cheese, Strawberries, Dried Apricots, Baked Beans, toast in soilders, cucumber, mashed potato, peas, carrots. If he likes nuggets, try scampi, fish fingers, saussages

    My daughter went through a phase of really liking to dip something into something - toast into a poached egg, carrot in homus, cucumber in soft cheese....
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    • mine loved green beans with a little butter, and ate them almost constantly.

      dry cheerios in a cup was another favorite.


      • How about peas? My daughter loves Green Giant peas, just run them through some hot water or add them to some pasta with butter.

        Baby carrots boiled, broccoli, strawberries, peeled grapes, avacado...


        • Keep trying bite size pieces of what you eat. Yogurt is great for teaching spoon skills. If you do grapes be sure to cut them, they are a big choking hazzard. I used to 1/4 them. My kids loved them. Mandarin oranges and pears are good (get the ones packed in natural juice) my kids also loves plain cheerios and Kix. Yes dipping can be a great incentive too, many kids love the interactivity of dipping!
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          • My mother has run a dayhome for the past 15 years so I have seen this routine with countless kids lol. Try some sugar snap peas, cut them up and he can eat the whole thing. As for fruits, go with sweet stuff like peaches or pears. To trick kids into eating things, make it look different lol. They are easily visually stimulated so you could take advantage of that just by varying up the cut on things. Maybe telling him it is a "special carrot" will do the trick even though all that is different is you cut it with a mandolin to give it a rippled potato chip like appearance. You can even arrange the veggies on the plate in the shape of a happy face (cherry tomatoes for eyes, celery mouth, carrot eyebrows ect) or something like that, so he can giggle and eat the face all up.

            You can try different sharp tastes as well, like pickles or black oilves just to see if it is a possibility. Another thing that seemed to work for a ton of kids is sushi, I don't know why but I know of many many young ones that love the stuff. Also a lot of kids seem to go for ketchup on everything.
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            • My former roommate's daughter was into "ants on a log." Celery with peanut butter in the groove and raisins on top of the peanut butter. But that may be advanced for your little boy. You be the judge thought. Her daughter also liked olives and cherry tomatoes and boiled eggs and cherries too. She never wanted to try new food though for a while and when I started exaggerating about how good the food was she wanted to check it out. She eats a lot now.


              • Not sure if the OP is still around, but ...
                If you peel and core an apple, then slice it horizontally, you get cute apple O's that are easy for little hands to hold!
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