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my little girl wont eat if i help her

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  • my little girl wont eat if i help her

    i dont know what to do as a new mother i want to give my child the best and i want to help her a much a possible but when i try to help her eat she will not have it and if i just let her go ahead and have it she makes a huge mess all over the carpet and ya everyone said move her off the carpet but that is all we have in our house even in the bathroom so i need some help how do i get my girly to eat without making a mess and with my help im out of ideas

  • At the age of six months mine decided she was all grown
    up. I used to take an old shower curtain, put it on the
    floor, strip her down to her panty or diaper, and give
    her the food.

    yeah, she made a big mess, but she enjoyed every
    minute of it, and it was no biggie that when she was
    done, give her a nice bath, then into the play pen
    while I cleaned the poor old shower curtain to
    get it ready for it's next job.

    I got it down to making her little things to eat
    that she could put in her mouth...or get close
    on her first try.

    One of the things she adored was my version
    of salmon croquettes called salmon buttons.

    I'd make tiny little salmon patties, micro them
    and put them on the plate and she would eat


    • I have 4 children and the youngest being 2 year old twins.
      I used to stress about feeding time and go through the same thing that you are going through, with the twins though I gave up and feeding time didn't become a stressful time. Babies and very young children can sense when you are stressed or fussing over meals, this is perfectly normal though for all of us as mothers to go through this.
      I placed an old sheet on the floor and did the same thing, I would strip them down hand them the bowl and a fork and let them go for it, I wasn't bothered if there was more on the floor than what they ate because i ended up adopting the thought that if they are hungry then they wont throw it, they will eat it, they all go through that stage and it will get better, the other thing that I did if I knew they weren't eating a great deal was to offer smaller amounts of food or snacks regularly throughout the day and my only concern was that they are adopting bad eating habits but as my peadiatrician told me once, babies don't run on the universal feeding times that we all tend to have for the breakfast, lunch and dinner and most of the time they decide they don't want to eat when Mommy or Daddy wants them to, if they are hungry they will eat and if not I would give mine food whenever they wanted it, mostly fruit, veg or light meals, i avoided any sweets or junk while I was giving more frequent light meals through the day whenever they appeared hungry, eventually as they get older they will get into a routine.
      My twins are 2 now and they are past that throwing the food stage, well they do have the odd time where I find a mess all over the floor and they thought it better to play with it rather than eat it but for the most part they have regular set routines for eating and most of the time they eat it all these days.


      • i have seen alot of parents put there child in the high chair and theres a part that goes infront of them like a table. I watch this baby now and then and i usually put him in the high chair and he eats he do make alot of mess also, when hes done i just take off the table part and wipe it out or wash it.


        • The shower curtain wiped easily and it was fine.

          She had a lot of food she could eat with her
          fingers, and porridge and stuff like that was
          drunk from a cup.

          She never threw food, cause I suppose I didn't
          feed her that often that she wouldn't be hungry
          when the food was there.

          Funnily enough, none of my children gave the
          least bit of trouble during meal times. I guess
          I was pretty good with timing...so they were
          hungry when it was meal time...

          I'm trying to recall more of my recipes...

          I'm a vegan, the father is not...so chicken
          and fish did enter the equation...

          I never use salt or sugar...
          I don't have it in the house as a matter
          of fact.

          The first time she ate junk was when she
          went to school.


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