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I am Losing My Mind

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  • I am Losing My Mind

    My daughter is approaching her 2nd birthday. I know that this is that terrible two times, but she is the most mischevious little girl i have ever seen. When I first told my mother I was pregnant she said " you will have a little girl and you will be paid back all the horrible things you did to me". I am sure she was just joking, she had no way to know if i was having a girl. But she was right. She is into everything, last night she broke my cookie jar that my bother gave me. Everytime we go to the store she throws a fit because she wants a hollylop!! (lollypop). She learned how to open the front door and run outside to the playground. I'll be switching laundry and come out and she is gone! She goes through my purse and puts mascara all over her face. She throws horrible fits, laying on the ground screaming and crying. I don't know how to dicipline her without being overly mean. How mean is to mean?? I try to just ignore her fits but she never stops. I wanna rip my hair out!! She was just this cute little baby and now she is a little terrorist! What do I do to get this to stop?

  • Maybe I am the worst mother in the world...
    but I hit my kids.

    I didn't beat them, I hit them, and never had
    a problem.

    My friend's son was exactly like your daughter...
    (I admit this here in a sense of anonyminity)
    he was getting on, and when she wasn't looking
    I gave him a good smack.

    He behaves when I'm there.

    He was lying on the floor of a store having a
    tantrum and she was ignoring him, and I was
    like, (oh give me ten seconds alone with him)
    but it wasn't until later when we were in a hall
    way...and he was getting on, and she was talking
    to someone else I gave him the smack.

    He cried, and she thought he was crying for
    something I was holding...and then I gave him
    the look...
    and he shut up.

    He was perfect for the rest of the day.

    So I'm the worst mother...
    but my three behaved perfectly in public.
    Even today, the 'baby' is twenty six, and
    when I'm talking she is silent.

    When she was about six we would negotiate.

    "You are now going to be hit. If you run you
    will get six hard smacks. If you don't run, you
    get five medium."

    And she'd say, "If I come, six light smacks."

    And I'd say, "Four light smacks, one medium."

    And she'd come and get four light smacks and
    one medium.

    She was mischevious...she once pulled the
    sink off the wall, caused a flood. I told her...
    "Start running, because your father will now
    kill you."

    and she ran outside and stood in the dark
    calling back, trying to negotiate...she negotiated
    down to two hard smacks...which was very
    lenient, but she is a very good negotiator...

    When she was four and we were in a pizza
    place, she sitting like a perfect lady, other
    children were acting like fools, and she said
    to me, "Their mother doesn't carry them out

    So a smack didn't stunt her forever...(she
    became a fashion model then into real estate)
    and once she appreciated that certain behaviour
    was not beneficial, she didn't practice it...


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