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help dont know where to go from here with my 9 year old daughter

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  • help dont know where to go from here with my 9 year old daughter

    please if anyone can give me any advice it would be much appreciated....my 9 year old daughter is developing very rapidly...pubic hair, achne the whole 9 yards...i'm just waiting for her to come to me and let me know she has her period...we have already had that talk and she is confident that she is not afraid and she knows what to do i prepared her well for that...but i still believe it is too early for the sex talk as she still plays with all her toys and is still so immature and child like...but i walk into her room to find her grinding against her doll on it seems a daily basis.. my first instint was to tell her that the feelings that she is having are normal....but i drew a blank as what to say after that as she looked at me in such a childish way and said ok mommy....would she even comprehend the sex talk i am lost at not knowing what to do or where to go from here....has any mother experienced anything like this please i need some advice....thank you
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  • Check out the website birdsandbeesandkids.com . It might give you some good info about talking to your kids about sexuality. It also will give info about what's age appropriate developmentally re: sex. My daughter is 9, too, so I know how hard it is to raise a young girl. Good luck!


    • There is an excellent pair of books, What's Happening to My Body? One for boys and one for girls. I have talked with doctors, therapists and social workers about this and they are agreed that puberty coming earlier is related to BGH exposure. The artificial hormone receptors really cause some problems. I don't know if it would help at this point but switch to organic dairy and beef products.


      • My oldest daughter hit puberty at age 9 too. It was the hardest thing to believe my baby was growing up. I just let her know I was there for her if she had any questions or concerns. Heck she was wear a bigger bra than I was at 9, that's scary. Just follow your heart and you'll never go wrong with her and always keep the door open for her.


        • judy every parent gets to this point sometime and all kids develop at different stages , gobsmacked im not white haired with my 17 yr old, take a deep breath and stop panicking , youve got 2 choices drive yourself crazy worrying about what your going to say, or bite the bullet and do something about it . if she is old enough to be feeling the emotions you think she is then surely she deserves some kind of explanation/advice .
          i dont think you have to be graphic to help her , when you go into her room and this is happening , ask her , honey why do you do that , regardless of her answer ,ask her does she no what her private parts are ,and what they are for , tell her that her body is changing ,that its natural , explain to her that its ok to feel the way she is feeling , MAKE SURE YOU TELL HER THE RIGHTS AND WRONGS of being around boys it doesnt have to be graphic ,if you dont feel like your succeeding discuss it with your gp , they can obtain reading / or point you or your daughter towards books written for younger ,faster maturing children that explain these things in a way they can connect with.
          is it also possible my love that something may have happened to your daughter , i dont wish to scare you but these things can sometimes be indicators , most likely not but worth keeping in mind. hope you manage to work it out xxx
          love is the most saught after emotion known to man ,yet the most soul destroyin


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