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  • prevention

    I am not a mother yet, but I want to be so I am in the process of trying to have a baby. Anyways, I was wondering is there is something a person can do to prevent their child from becoming gay or becoming a transsexual and other nasty stuff like that.

  • Tara, no sweetheart.

    Genes are genes and it doesn't matter what they become in their lives, it's not nasty people should be accepted for who they are and a Mother's love is exactly that.



    • Gay people don't really bother me, but I do think its kind of weird. I will of course love my child no matter what. On the other hand my husband is a totally against it. He will also love the child no matter what, but wouldn't be too happy about it.


      • Sexuality is normal. Period. Some people are predisposed to be hetero, some homo, some bi, and a variety of other flavors along the way. Anyone who can't handle that fact may do well to not have kids. You say that you will still love them no matter what, but trust me, that disgust or displeasure, will show and just make your child resentful of you. I've been there, and it's not pretty. It's not nasty, and not something that needs to be fixed/prevented.


        • I really can't believe that this is a topic right now, I mean what is so wrong about someone being homo, trans, or anything? I completely agree with rose that if you can't handle the fact that it's a possibility than you need not have children. I have a son and I would never change the way I feel about him if he turns out like that. Just remember that if it does happen that you are the ONLY person that is there for them NO MATTER WHAT. You are that child's mother the only one they will have, that is something irreplaceable.


          • Tara, with your husband, the difficulty you will have is his "two personalities" due to his illness.

            I understand your fear in all directions of having children and I am glad that you personally, are not concerned of being a Mother to a child with any difficulties or differences to what society seem to judge, it appears you are more concerned again, with regards to your husband.


            • One factor that a child becomes gay is the environment. But I've known some people also, no matter how hard they tried


              • A person is born gay/ straight there is nothing you can do but support them no matter what.. Not to be rude but this your post was very ummmm.. I guess I'll have to say negative..


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