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3 weeks old, tummy troubles.

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  • 3 weeks old, tummy troubles.

    Hi everyone, wow have I been busy with my new little man. I can't believe he's nearly a month old!
    I am a crazy concerned sleep deprived, new mommy. And was hoping for some support.

    My little man was born 9.5 pounds. A week later he was 8.5 pounds. I was breast feeding every 45 mins for 30 mins a time and my poor little one was still hungry. So my doctor had me supplement, well that helped him he gained his weight back! Well my supply disappeared, and after many tears I decided to quit all together. Bc I had to count ounces and had a hard time pumping. Due to lack of breast tissue. ANYWAYS.....

    He is a formula baby now, and is having a tough time being only formula fed. He didn't go poo for nearly 3 days, then it was hard and bloody due to strain. So now he gets two ounces of juice a day until he gets used to the formula.
    Well he's going poo now but its not soft its more like clay, but he's not constipated bc he goes many times a day... And he isn't straining.
    Also he has started spitting up a little, just a small bit after he eats.

    His month appt is next week, should I change his formula? We just started powder over concentrate, would that cause spit up?

  • Is there a nurse or doctor that you could call until you can get into your appointment? Sometimes babies react funny to certain formulas and changing it (if that's what's recommended) could be night and day. My cousin's son was spitting up and crying a lot from him because it gave him gas, so they switched to no-lactose formula, problem solved right away. It might make a big difference, but I'd check with the doctor/nurse first.


    • Darling, I would check with your doctor or nurse before changing formulas. Little ones digestive system take time to adjust. You stated, the doc. has you give him juice to help suppliment. This is a huge change for his insides to breakdown. It will take time for his body to accept.
      My situation may greatly differ from yours. But, I had a very rough time with my first, he was lactose intolerant. We switched formulas until he was on prescription formula. All in all it took 3 months. As we had to keep him on each formula for 3 weeks to view his acceptance or rejection. I am not attempting to spook you, this was 25 years ago, and formulas have changed much, since then.
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      • I'm a nursing student, had a course in child nursing last year. Things you could do that would be non-intrusive are leg pumping, belly massage and warm baths (I had to check my notes.)

        Leg pumping is to lay baby on back and gently pump legs like he was riding a bike. Belly massage should be done in a clockwise direction gentle. Leg pumping and belly massage will help things move along in baby's intestines. Warm baths, not hot, might also help.

        Another thing that might help is adding a teaspoon of corn syrup to his bottle or adding a bottle of water and corn syrup to his feeding schedule; check with your doctor before trying this.
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        • Update**
          When he first started formula we put him on soy bc I had a milk allergy as a baby. The first week of bottle feeding he was also breast fed so he was still pooping, and all seemed well. It was after I took the breast away that the troubles began.

          The doctor switched him to gentle ease, and it is a milk base but so far so good. My little one is pooping tooting and burping. Thank you lord!

          I thought that soy would be really good for sensitive bellys but I guess for some tummys it can make things worse. Has anyone else had this problem. Being in soy and having to switch to milk? Seems strange to me?


          • You better go to his pedia right away even without the appointment yet.


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