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Not pregnant but...

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  • Not pregnant but...

    So I skipped my last period and have been with my boyfriend now about two months. I am not looking to become a mom any time soon but when my period came I felt strangely sad. This is my first serious relationship in about 5 years. Is this normal? I am 25... TIA

  • I've always felt that way. It's really weird for me too because in only one of those instances did I truly WANT to be pregnant (After my boyfriend died I missed a period that first month and prayed that I was pregnant.....). There have even been times I totally freaked out and thought "PLEASE DON'T LET ME BE PREGNANT!!!" but then when I finally started I felt an odd sense of sadness. I don't have the answer as to why but I guess deep down in me somewhere, the thought of being a mother appeals to me. Perhaps it does you too. Nothing wrong with that.... just be sure to continue to use your good judgment.
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    • Hello dear, there is nothing to feel sad about it. Girls are always emotionally attached with pregnancy, whether married or unmarried. This is not a big deal. If you want to become mother, then you should choose the right time to concieve which is from 12 to 16 days, if you and your boyfriend are in serious relationship.


      • Hello,
        I can completely understand the situation you’re going through. However, as per my knowledge if the periods stop and if you feel the discomfort or unusual about your health I would suggest you consult a doctor or a Gynecologist since this might be a sign of pregnancy. Body changes during pregnancy are expected. As your pregnancy progresses you will experience physical changes, including backaches, weight gain, and fluid retention. Symptoms like these, while uncomfortable, are normal, and often will go away after you give birth or as your pregnancy progresses. You'll need a home pregnancy test or a blood test to know for sure, but until you can take one (the best time is once your period is late). Talk to your boyfriend about this and you can move further if this is serious.
        However, I would not encourage any negative decisions in this matter. And if you are safe then I would suggest you keep a track on your Menstrual cycle regularly in case of any discomfort, because of an underlying medical condition. Sometimes a missing period does indicate that something else is wrong. “Periods can stop because of hormone imbalance like in polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) where menstrual periods can become very infrequent, occurring every 2-3 months or become absent. There are more reasons than just being pregnant for a missed period. That can cause a late or missed period. As well as extreme exercise, weight loss or weight gain, eating disorders, or it could be your body still working out your cycle. The majority of women have around 500 periods before they reach menopause. But not everyone's cycle is the same, and periods can become irregular or stop completely well before a woman reaches this stage of life. If they do, and you know there's no risk of pregnancy, it should be investigated.


        • Hello welcome friend, I am feeling so sorry for your multiple failures to conceive. You should not panic about your period problem. This is very common problem to handle. There are almost 20% women who faced difficulty in conceiving all over the world. I am here for you to provide sufficient information to clear your doubts in professional way. I am feeling happy to help you on behalf of my personal experience. I can understand your physical and mental stage at this time. I want to accept my husband full support to handle this horrible situation in my life without her helps I am nothing and not able to defeat this horrible problem in my life. I want to express kind heart thanks to God to understand my problem and provide easy and effective way to treat my problem to enjoy healthy baby gift in my life.
          This is the best idea to make proper planning to easily conceive. You should understand the importance of regular period cycle that is directly connected to reproduction system. It is clear indication that your hormone level is not in balance. You can keep your body hormone level in balance with healthy balanced diet that is the best in class way to provide proper nutrition value to your body for smooth working that is beneficial for you in many ways. The next important thing is healthy lifestyle. The unhealthy lifestyle is major responsible factor for failure of conceive naturally. You can start with early morning walk and easy exercises that provide proper blood supply to all reproduction for working well. I hope you get sufficient information to clear your doubts to defeat infertility problem to enjoy healthy baby gift like me.


          • hi, i have just noticed your thread here. you know your situation seems to be very common for girls of your age. i can understand that you are really young for it. but what about your bf does he want to have kids? have you spoke to him? I was always dreaming about children and couldn't get pregnant due to my health state. we were trying for a long time and with no go. Luckily I got pregnant with beautiful two kids.. So, i just wanted to say, don’t miss your chance. you know that there are lots of problems with fertility. I don't want to scare you but what is this is your lucky time. think about it, best of luck


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